What every Christian conversation about Bruce Jenner should sound like.

 Thanks to Chris Martin for the inspiration on this one.

THEM: “Hey, you’re a Christian, right?”

YOU: “Yeah.  Aren’t you?”

THEM: “Long story.”

YOU: “Cool.  Mine was too.  What’s up?”

THEM: “What do you think about Bruce Jenner?”

YOU: “I love him.  A lot.”

THEM: “Oh, like you’re a fan?”

YOU: “No.  I don’t love his career.  I love him.”

THEM: “Well he’s not a he anymore.  He’s a she.”

YOU:  “Got it.  I love her.  A lot.”

THEM: “Yeah.  I see where you’re going.  Love is good.  Very John Lennon of you.  I mean about his whole transgender thing.”

YOU: “Same answer.  Love.”

THEM: “So… um.  Do you think it’s a sin?”

YOU: “Are you asking me if I think Bruce Jenner is a sinner?”

THEM: “Yeah!  The meaty stuff.  Is Bruce Jenner a sinner?”

YOU: “I’ve never met anyone who isn’t a sinner.  I’m a sinner.  So are you.”

THEM: “Oh, well okay.  But you’re missing the point.  Is being transgender a sin?”

YOU: “Actually dude, you’re missing the point.  My job is to make disciples.  Everyone I’ve ever met is a sinner.  So I don’t really worry about it and I just do my job.”

THEM: “But would God actually want a disciple who’s a sinner?”

YOU: “Well, as close as I can tell, he wanted me.  Want to hear my story?”


The End

Keep it simple people.  Our job is to make disciples.  And the most powerful tool for that is not the Bible.  It’s your witness.  Start telling it.

Have a nice day.

Dude! That’s quite a list!

Because I possess infinite wisdom and boundless maturity, I actually wrote those words (Dude!  That’s quite a list!) in my Bible a few weeks ago.  Our pastor was teaching about pursuing God.  I wrote in a previous post that I was going to stop sitting around praying for transformation and start actually pursuing it.  You know… like working on it.  So I did.

Step one for me was reading the Bible.  Yeah, I know.  I write a frickin’ blog about faith stuff and I don’t even really read the Bible that often.  But in fairness, this blog is way more often about what a screw-up I am than how awesome I am at being a Christian.  If you’re looking for awesome, don’t worry.  There are tons of self-proclaimed experts out there who write blogs about how awesome they are at being Christian.  This isn’t one of them.

Anyhoo… I digress.  So my pastor was going to be out of town coming up and I was supposed to fill in and teach.  That’s coming up in June 3, so obviously I’ll see all of you there (don’t let that pesky ocean between us stop you Paul).  I actually prayed about where to stop (gasp!  me seeking guidance for anything is a minor miracle) and got a pretty clear word: James.  Ironically, I then dove into my standard practice of over-thinking everything and wondered if God was saying MY name or leading me to read the book of James.  Then I decided I was being a moron and wasting time and just picked up the Bible and started reading the book of James.

My commitment was to read every day.  I wanted to give my sermon on June 3 about things I learned when I spent three solid weeks pursuing God every day in practical ways.  Mainly, reading the Bible every day and praying every day.  I’d never done it consistently before and I figured there would be some lessons in it that I could share.

Well as the kids say… NAILED IT.  Yeah I got some lessons.  And I found a big list of reasons to pursue like never before.  I figured I’d shares that list here.  You know.. because I’m a giving sort of dude.

Being honest, I kind of approached this with a, “What’s in it for me” perspective.  God wired us up to expect something in return if we do something.  So I would assume that pursuing God would produce a result I would like.  This is kind of the seeds of the “prosperity gospel” where people tell you that if you pray for a new house you’ll get a new house, or whatever.  That’s a little simplistic for God, so what would God tell me that I would get if I pursued him?

Here’s the list, and it comes from the notes to James 5:16 in the NIV Fire Bible (page 2433 if you have it):

For those who are in a right relationship with God, and who continually rely on him to do what is right, their prayers will:

  1. bring them near to God (Hebrews 7:25)
  2. open the way to a spirit-filled life (Luke 11:13)
  3. bring them power for ministry (Acts 1:8)
  4. bring them power for Christian devotion (Ephesians 1:19)
  5. build them up spiritually (Jude 1:20)
  6. give them insight into Christ’s provision for them (Ephesians 1:16-19)
  7. help them overcome Satan (Daniel 10:12-13)
  8. clarify God’s purposes for them (Psalm 32:6-8)
  9. enable them to receive spiritual gifts (1 Corinthians 14:1)
  10. bring them into a closer companionship with God (Matthew 6:9)
  11. bring them grace, mercy and peace (Phillipians 4:6-7)
  12. bring others who are spiritually lost into a relationship with Christ (v 20)
  13. bring them wisdom, revelation, and knowledge of Christ (Ephesians 1:16-17)
  14. bring them healing (v 15)
  15. bring them rescue from trouble (Psalm 34:4-7)
  16. honor God with praise and thanksgiving (Psalm 100:4)
  17. make Christ’s presence more real to them (Revelation 3:20)
  18. ensure them of their final salvation and of Christ’s intercession (7:25)

So now you can see why I would write the mature sophisticated phrase, “Dude!  That’s quite a list!”

So go grab your Bible and pursue God hard.  It turns out, the return on your effort is extraordinary.  And then go be awesome.  You were made to be.

Later all.

I’ve stopped praying for transformation.

I’ve spent a lot of my time praying for transformation over the years, and I’m just not gonna do it anymore.  Not because I think the prayer is pointless.  But because I realized what I was actually praying for.  It wasn’t transformation.  I was praying for a free pass.

See, I just prayed, “God please transform my life.”  Blah blah blah.  Something like that.  Different variations of that.  But here’s the translation of what was really going on inside my head and my heart:

“Dear Lord!  Please transform me!  And, like, do it in a way that requires nothing from me.  Cool?”

I was praying for God to do all the work.  I was defining transformation as some event that takes place in my life at some point in time when God decides it’s the right time.  Everything before that sucked.  And everything after that was super cool and awesome.

But that’s not what the Bible says about transformation.  The Bible talks about PURSUING your calling.  PURSUING God.  PURSUING your gifts of the spirit.  The very use of the word PURSUING indicates that this is something that both TAKES TIME and REQUIRES EFFORT FROM ME.

So here’s my new prayer.  “God.  I want to be transformed.  You know where I am today, and you know your vision for where you want me to go.  Please show me what you need from me in order to be transformed.  And give me the strength, courage, and focus to pursue it until you give me something new to pursue.”

That’s a little better.  It has me actively looking for opportunities to serve God.  To stick my neck out in ways I hadn’t before.  To be active.  It touches on the whole “faith without works is dead” thing.  I gets me out of my “sit on the couch until God FINALLY transforms me” thing.  Because that kinda wasn’t getting it done.

So dude!  Quit praying for transformation, and start asking God what you need to do to PURSUE it.


Later all.  Go be awesome.  It’s almost like you were built to be or something, ya nut.

Oh and the photo?  No, not me.  That dude is way hotter than me, and has a bigger TV.  Check it out for yourself: http://talkfeed.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/couchpotatofinal.jpg

Double-minded man. Prayer is hard for me.

I came across this term “double-minded man” in reading the first few sentences of the Book of James.  This nails me 100%.  The opening lines talk about the need to fully believe that your prayers will be answered by God according to his wisdom.  And then in James’ blunt fashion, he says that anyone who prays but doesn’t expect God to fulfill those prayers is a double-minded man.  Pursuing God, but still stuck here in the world.  At least that’s my take on it.

So let’s talk about believing in prayer.  This is tough.  Dude, you can hold your hands up in the air, fall to your knees, or whatever you like to get your prayers as impactful as possible.  But it’s all a bit of window-dressing, isn’t it?  Am I the only one who thinks it’s pretty darn tough to 100%, zero doubt, fully believe that my prayers are going to be answered?

Jesus did well with this (duh!).  I think he was the opposite of me.  I struggle to know what it would be like to 100% fully believe (in all honesty and not just trying to be “good at prayer”) in the power of my prayers.  I think Jesus would be the opposite.  I think he would have a hard time understanding someone who prayed to God on a regular basis but who, if being completely honest, was only very HOPEFUL that his prayers would be answered.  Not CONFIDENT.  I think he’d look at me and tell me I’m weird.  You know, that guy way of saying it where an insult isn’t really an insult.

Why is this hard for me?  Well the answer is actually really simple.  I just don’t pray enough.  And I don’t spend enough time reading the Bible.  I have this expectation that I’ll sit down to pray and just be amazing at it.  But I’ve never in my life been amazing at something the first time I did it.  Or the tenth time I did it.  Or the hundredth time.

And for something as complicated as prayer, it should take a while to get good at it, right?  I mean we have tough stuff going on.  Is that voice I’m hearing my own?  Or God?  Silencing my own head might actually be harder than hearing from God.  And I think I’ve heard from God at least twice.  Powerful experiences, both.  But there is a chance that every one of those times I wondered “was that God or what that my own head?” that perhaps it really was God?  If so, I’ve heard from God a lot.

I’m rambling a little bit.  Not unlike the way I pray.  I’m still all over the place.  Kind of like a conversation you might have with a 6 year old.  Halfway through you are thinking, “How did we end up talking about THIS?”

So… simple fix.  Just pray more.  And pray about regular stuff.  Stuff actually happening in my life.  I need to stop saying what I think God wants to hear when I pray a just talk to God about what’s up.  What am I thankful for?  What is stressing me out at work?  What does He want from me?  These are things I think about all the time but they never make it into my prayers.  Never on the “approved list”…

So no more approved list.  Just conversation.  Respectful conversation.  With a God who is so completely nuts that He actually wants to hear from a weirdo like me on a daily basis.

Good night all.

Broken no more.

We hear it all the time. Christ loves you even though you’re broken. And it’s true. And it’s life altering. And important. So important. It changes everything. We don’t need to be perfect to approach God.  He is a forgiving, loving God.  Even when we are broken.

The end.


Five years ago, I needed to hear and understand that God loved me even though I was a mess.  That fact changed my life. Or did it?  Did I spend so much time obsessing over God’s grace in light of my brokenness that I completely missed that I’m not broken anymore?  Am I missing my calling because I’m still delighting in the fact that God loves me despite my brokenness?  Or more honestly, did I simply never expect to not be broken anymore?  Am I satisfied to be broken but loved?  Or is there something else?  Do I ever stop being broken?  What happens then?

God’s acceptance became my crutch. It was my witness. “God loves you if you’re broken bro.  Here’s my story of brokenness.”  And that’s a good witness. But it’s only half a witness.

Being accepted and loved by God even through your brokenness is NOT THE FINISH LINE.  It’s the starting line of a race you may not even have realized you were in.  I sure didn’t.

What kind of father finds their broken child, hugs them, BUT THEN LEAVES THEM BROKEN?  Not my heavenly father. It is occurring to me for the first time tonight, since I’m a little dumb, that God put me back together for a reason. That he accepted me while broken, but didn’t leave me that way. He put me back together and stood my unbroken body on a frickin’ launching pad.

I’m not perfect. But I sure as hell ain’t the the broken down dude that God scooped up and loved those now several years ago.  I’ve been saying it all wrong.

“God loves me even though I’m broken.”


“God loves me even though I used to be broken.”

Yeah. That.

I gotta quit feeling like a still-broken shell of a man. God found me. Repaired me. And why?  To send me out to battle.  To push me head first into a dying world.

No.  I declare today that I am no longer broken. And I am no longer wallowing in my self pity of brokenness that God repaired in his grace.

I’m ready. Ready to enter the world that God called me to, and built me for. Broken no more. Ready to serve.

Are you still broken?

Are you sure?

Warm. Comfortable. And I don’t need God.

What is the devil’s most powerful tool?  Al Qaeda?  ISIS?  Child porn?  Sexual slavery?  I don’t think so.  I think the devil’s most powerful tool is in my living room.  I think it’s in my bank account.  I think it’s parked in my garage.  I think it’s hanging in my closet.

I think the devil’s most powerful tool is comfort.

You see, I lead a fairly comfortable life.  What exactly do I need God for anyway?  I don’t feel the intense need for a relationship with God on a minute by minute basis.  David Platt said, “If you don’t feel like you need prayer in your life, you’re probably right.”  What? Don’t panic.  He wasn’t really talking about prayer.  He was talking about comfort.  God doesn’t promise to deliver a life of comfort.  He promises to deliver a life of purpose.  And purpose is not comfortable.  Athletes do not fulfill their competitive purpose without discomfort.  Neither do Christians.

My life is so comfortable right now that I am taking it as a sign that I’m not spending enough time sticking my neck out there for God.  The things that God has laid out for me are hard.  Scary.  Stressful.  They are things that I cannot possibly accomplish without God at my side.  If I don’t feel like I need a constant level of communication with God, I’m right.  Because I’m not doing what God called me to do.  I don’t really need God around to help me with the day to day humdrum that I’ve filled my life with instead.

It’s pretty blunt.  But I think it’s pretty damn true as well.  Isn’t it?

Maybe it’s time for a little discomfort.  A little stress.  A little, “I don’t think I can get through this without God” type stuff.  Maybe it’s time for me to answer my calling.  I had this vision last night.  A vision of me.  A physically fit me, in front of about a thousand people.  I was on fire.  I was inspiring them.  I was delivering God’s word to them.  Leading them.  And it gave me cold chills.  It invigorated me.  But don’t have time to get fit.  I don’t have time to start a major ministry.  I don’t have time to finish  the book  I started.  I don’t know how to start a ministry.  There are a million things I don’t know how to do, or don’t have, or don’t like, to make that vision a reality.

So… I guess just maybe… I need to get off that couch and start asking God how exactly I’m supposed to pull this off.  Maybe it’s time to go.  Go to a place that I won’t survive without the desperate, needy, stressed, and terrified prayer to God, “How can I get through this Lord??  I need your help.  I’m lost and I don’t know how to get this done.”

Rusted out soul.

Today a headline was released that ISIS beheaded twenty one Christians.  Here is how I spent my day.

I watched five episodes of The Vanilla Ice Project.

I watched three episodes of Overhaulin’.

We drove three towns over to shop for a specific brand of trail mix that we like.

I played Words With Friends.

I scanned through Facebook probably a dozen times.

I rode a stationary bicycle for thirty minutes.

We bought ice cream from Oberweis with a gift card I forgot I had.

I read a chapter of the book Joshua.

I ate a bowl of cereal, two pita sandwiches, some salad, about a dozen pieces of candy, a spoonful of ice cream, and some tortellini. 

I compared prices on various species of wood I’m thinking about using to make a table.

I took a shower and was irritated that it wasn’t really hot enough.

What did I do today?  The same thing I do every day. Not a damn thing. Just exactly what the devil ordered.  Not a damn thing.

This is broken. Not even destroyed. It’s rusted out from sitting unused for two decades. Rusted out soul.

A war has been waged against us and I had to stop myself from complaining that my government wasn’t doing enough about it.  All while I did even less.

Stop praying for strength!

I pray it a lot. “Lord give me the strength to get through this week, to endure this temptation, to sustain this whatever it is that I’m dealing with.” I got a pretty clear message from God tonight: Cut it out. Stop praying for strength.

This is not an all out declaration that no one should ever pray for strength, or even that I should never again pray for strength. But for me, right now, I don’t need to be praying for strength. I need to be USING the strength that God has already given me. I am using my prayers for strength as a crutch to avoid going and doing the very things that God has given me strength to do.

So today, in my current season in life, I need to stop praying for strength. Because the strength I seek has already been given to me. I keep asking for it again and again because, to be honest, because I am not fully vested in that thing which God has called me to do. I don’t even know exactly what it is. I never found out. Because I was so convinced that I “needed more strength” and kept on praying for it that I never realized I had all the strength I needed.

It’s a little like praying your whole life asking for some way to get where you need to go, and God says, “Um, you know you’re sitting in a running car, right?”

It’s the perfect way to avoid answering your calling. To answer it, you need strength. And It’s not like you’re doing nothing. I mean you pray for strength ALL THE TIME. And God just hasn’t delivered it yet. So, ya know, it’s kinda like sorta God’s fault, right? But we don’t say it that way. We say churchy things like, “God will deliver me in his time and I need to be patient and wait.”

Hey that’s true. If God wants you to wait, you better. Just be sure you’re right about that and I would even go as far as saying I’d pretty seriously doubt it. There is not a ton of Biblical support for God wanting people to sit around doing nothing while they wait for God to deliver what they need. Even during the forty years in the desert the Israelites KEPT MOVING. Yeah they needed to wait to enter the promised land, but God didn’t leave them just sitting around doing nothing. He kept them moving with a pillar of fire.

Side note. Being led around by a pillar of fire would be pretty awesome these days. Can you imagine? “Traffic on I-355 is backed up with delays of over an hour.” Ummm… not after me and God show up with our flippin’ pillar of fire yo!! Okay I digress.

So here’s the bottom line. Yeah God makes us wait for stuff. The Bible is FULL of stories about droughts and other times when we had to wait for God. But I think, at least for me, that I sit around waiting when God actually wants me moving all under the pretense that I’m waiting on God to do some amazing thing to set me on my way when in reality.. he already has.

So if you’re spending a lot of time praying for strength, at step back for a day and think about whether you’ve already got all the strength you need. You probably do, and God may just be sitting there with something AMAZING for you waiting for you to step into the strength he built into you years or even decades ago.

Just my two cents…

Now go be awesome, would ya? It’s what you’re MADE FOR!! Later dudes.

Crazy homeless dude…

So I’m in the city the other day and this homeless guy comes up to me and starts talking to me.  I try to be a decent guy about it but it was definitely weird.  It’s winter and this guy is wearing sandals and he’s kinda freaking the kids out.  Not going nuts or anything but the whole “stranger-danger” thing, you know.

He was actually a nice guy and seemed pretty set even though he was obviously broke.  Never asked me for money which I was sorta waiting for any minute.  And he’s telling me about how he’s at peace, blah blah blah.  And I’m like, “At peace?  Dude, nothing personal but you look like you’re having a rough time of it here.  I don’t mean to be presumptuous but how are you at peace?”

So he tells me about his dad and all this stuff and to be honest I kinda wasn’t listening 100% but he’s definitely a lot less stressed about his situation than I would be.  You need a job bro!  I finally just broke down and asked him how he can be so chill under the circumstances, and he’s like, “What circumstances?”

Seriously.  Dude.  You’re obviously homeless.  Fine.  It had to be said so I said it.  And he’s like, “Oh that.  Yeah well it works out.  Never missed a meal yet.”

Never missed a meal yet?  What the hell?  Seriously?

So I figure I’ll test the guy.  I’m no angel but I do my best to be a decent guy and I guess you could say I play by the rules.  So I’m like, “So dude.  I have a good job.  Went to school.  Do an honest business and do right by my wife.  And I’m about ten times more stressed out than you are.  What’s the deal?  Hook me up.  What do I gotta do to chill out?”

So then the sales pitch hits.  I knew it!  Dude tells me to sell all my stuff.  Now I get it.  Sidewalk preacher.  Probably has a dozen of these “homeless dude” outfits that he throws on in the back of his Rolls Royce and heads out trolling for suckers.  No dice pal.  I’m not biting.

But now I’m pissed and I kinda can’t let it go.  “So you want me to sell my stuff and give you all the money?”

“No dude I don’t need your money.  I told you.  I’m good.  Never missed a meal, remember?”

Oh so I give it his “charity” I suppose, right?  Some charity that he just happens to run, etc. etc.  No.  He tells me, “Just give it to the poor or something.  I don’t know.  There’s always going to be poor folks.  Widows.  Kids with no parents.  Help them out. But this stuff you’ve got.  It’s not helping you at all.”

Not helping me??  What like my car?  My car?  That doesn’t help me get to work?  What an idiot.

Give it to the poor.  Like just find some random poor guy and give him all my stuff?  That’s crazy.  He’s like, “You’ll figure it out.  You figured out your job and your car and your family and your house.  I’m sure you can figure out who to help by selling all your stuff no problem.”

So obviously this guy was a complete whack job and I’m not getting that twenty minutes of my life back anytime soon.

Frickin’ nutcase.


And that, my friends, is how easy it is to reject Christ.

Go be awesome at something.  It’s what you were wired for.


Image credit: http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/File:Portrait-of-Homeless-Man-IMG_3825.jpg