Crap. I’m on repeat.

So I was skimming through some posts from years past over the weekend and something hit me.  I’m on repeat.  I’m writing about the same crap today that I was writing about three years ago.  I even saw a post about how important it is to take care of yourself, and that I was going to start doing so, and I weighed 30 pounds LESS when I wrote that post.

I read posts about talking to God, reading the Bible, and all sorts of other wonderful things to do to grow spiritually, etc. etc.  And then a few months later I’d write a similar post.  Why?  Because I still wasn’t doing any of the crap I said I was going to do the first time I wrote about it.


I feel like I’m at a point where I need to start producing actual change in my life or any credibility I have writing this blog goes out the window.

“Hey did you see those super insightful posts about changing your life and your faith that Jim Voigt wrote?”

“Yeah.  Wow his life must be super transformed.”

“Oh well not really.  He just writes about it.  He doesn’t actually change his own life, silly.  It’s the internet after all!”

So I don’t want that to be me.  If I’m going to write about being on a journey, I’d better start… journeying.  My life should start looking different than it looks today.

Thinking about it that way kinda puts some pressure on.  But you rarely ever get anywhere in life sitting by the warm cozy fire of your comfort zone.


3 thoughts on “Crap. I’m on repeat.

  1. Hang in there! I’ve witnessed a neighbor lose and regain the same 50lbs over and over… each time it seems it will last.
    Rather than temporary fixes, changes must become lasting life changes…and each failure will bring you one step closer to that permanent change you are always seeking!


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