Broken no more.

We hear it all the time. Christ loves you even though you’re broken. And it’s true. And it’s life altering. And important. So important. It changes everything. We don’t need to be perfect to approach God.  He is a forgiving, loving God.  Even when we are broken.

The end.


Five years ago, I needed to hear and understand that God loved me even though I was a mess.  That fact changed my life. Or did it?  Did I spend so much time obsessing over God’s grace in light of my brokenness that I completely missed that I’m not broken anymore?  Am I missing my calling because I’m still delighting in the fact that God loves me despite my brokenness?  Or more honestly, did I simply never expect to not be broken anymore?  Am I satisfied to be broken but loved?  Or is there something else?  Do I ever stop being broken?  What happens then?

God’s acceptance became my crutch. It was my witness. “God loves you if you’re broken bro.  Here’s my story of brokenness.”  And that’s a good witness. But it’s only half a witness.

Being accepted and loved by God even through your brokenness is NOT THE FINISH LINE.  It’s the starting line of a race you may not even have realized you were in.  I sure didn’t.

What kind of father finds their broken child, hugs them, BUT THEN LEAVES THEM BROKEN?  Not my heavenly father. It is occurring to me for the first time tonight, since I’m a little dumb, that God put me back together for a reason. That he accepted me while broken, but didn’t leave me that way. He put me back together and stood my unbroken body on a frickin’ launching pad.

I’m not perfect. But I sure as hell ain’t the the broken down dude that God scooped up and loved those now several years ago.  I’ve been saying it all wrong.

“God loves me even though I’m broken.”


“God loves me even though I used to be broken.”

Yeah. That.

I gotta quit feeling like a still-broken shell of a man. God found me. Repaired me. And why?  To send me out to battle.  To push me head first into a dying world.

No.  I declare today that I am no longer broken. And I am no longer wallowing in my self pity of brokenness that God repaired in his grace.

I’m ready. Ready to enter the world that God called me to, and built me for. Broken no more. Ready to serve.

Are you still broken?

Are you sure?


5 thoughts on “Broken no more.

  1. ” It is occurring to me for the first time tonight, since I’m a little dumb, that God put me back together for a reason. ”

    I think we are a little dumb. Just had an image of a “light bulb moment” – just imagine being God and seeing light bulb moments flashing everywhere all the time. That must be the most awesome loving sight to behold!! 🙂


  2. bunnyb1802 says:


    It’s been a while. Think I know which broken you’re talking about here – the broken-ness of a sin filled life. I hear you. But what about the broken-ness we feel when life hurts us? I think then it’s ok to say “God loves me in the broken-ness of my life & He is going to fix it, in this life or the next” I say this because right now, that’s where I live – in broken-ness. But totally get what you’re saying too.
    Good post James.


    • Nanci Haigler Flynn says:

      Excellent point, bunny. God does heal our brokenness, and he re-heals it when we go out and rip our scars open to get broken again, but his intent and purpose is to bring us to a point where we don’t break ourselves with our own sin. However, as long as we are in the world we are at risk of being broken by the sin of another person, and Our Father has healing waiting for that kind of brokenness, too. We can’t fully escape brokenness while we live in our earth-shirt body, but once we give ourselves to God to handle our hurt, we never have to face any brokenness at all, either alone or without hope for healing.


  3. Mensching Linda says:

    Amen Brother, Now you have it right. Put your armor on and go forth. I just love reading your blog. Thank you for taking the time to write it.


  4. Nanci Haigler Flynn says:

    ‘ … God put me back together for a reason.’

    There seems to be a lot of that going around lately. Time to dig out our reasons and fulfill the plans our Father has for us.


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