More than a crucifixion.

You know, I’ve been a Christian my whole life. I’ve been a “renewed” Christian for a few years now. And with all of that there is a simple fact that has completely escaped me about Christ. I know he gave his life for me. We all know that. And to me, that always meant the actual act of dying on the cross. That’s a life-changing fact right there. But it’s missing something.

He gave his WHOLE life for me. Him dying on the cross would not have meant as much if he was just some random guy with kids and a dog. He gave things up in order to be the Christ who’s death would matter. He gave up EVERYTHING. I started thinking about examples.

He never had a girlfriend. He never experienced that exciting glance across a room with someone he was interested in. He never walked holding the hand of the girl he loved.

I held my newborn nephew this weekend. It was awesome. He ate, and then fell asleep. And he was so peaceful. It made me remember holding my two girls when they were infants. It is an experience that can never be duplicated. It is an experience that Christ never had. I can picture him in a room with moms holding their kids and thinking it would be nice. But knowing it would never happen.

I see him watching a husband and wife give each other a hard time in that playful way that married couples do when they are playing around. He never experienced that. And he knew every day that he never would, never could. He never walked through the door of his own home and put the world behind him and just hung out with his kids and forgot the stress of the day. He never had a home. He never laid his head on a pillow and listened to his wife tell him what the kids did that day, what her plans were for tomorrow. He never heard the cry of his daughter from the other room and decided to let his wife sleep through it, and rocked his baby girl back to sleep in her dad’s strong arms and watched her eyes slowly fall shut. He never looked on that face, that pure innocent face, while she slept as though nothing was wrong in the world.

The sacrifices that Christ made while being beaten to within and inch of his life, and then hanging on the cross while life actually left him, are mind boggling. Literally beyond comprehension. But it is suddenly weighing on me the daily sacrifices that he made as a child, as a teenager, a 20-something. Every single day of his 33 years was a sacrifice. He was a man. These were things he most certainly thought about. It’s not like he wandered around in a stupor completely unaware that these amazing experiences were out there. He knew. And he felt the pain of missing out on them. Every day.

I complain when I go a few days without seeing my kids. It’s a huge sacrifice. I didn’t hug my wife on the way out the door the other day and it bugged me all day. These are tiny snapshots in time compared to 33 years of total sacrifice. Sacrifice of the very amazing day to day things that make living our lives amazing.

There is no major conclusion here I suppose. There is no “here is what you should do with this” type of ending to this post. But it was on my mind, and I wanted to share it with all of you.

God bless each of you.



8 thoughts on “More than a crucifixion.

  1. Great post, bro. Something that has completely amazed me is the fact that Jesus went through the entire 9 month birthing process when He could have had the Father beam Him down to the Cross just at the right moment to get the crucifixion over with. He was the Trinity in bodily from, yet he spent all that time chilling as a fetus inside of Mary. Then He lived as a man, just like us. His Daddy created the entire universe, but yet He chose to endure humanity. C’mon, people. That’s insane! Why do we ever doubt the love of God Almighty?? Jesus was a man walking the earth under the power and direction of the Holy Spirit. And He said “Follow Me.” So, I know it’s possible for us to do the very same thing.


    • Bill says:

      I think his humanity is the greatest thing we, his fellow human beings, can relate to. He was (and is) one of us. If he can do great things, so can we.


  2. bunnyb1802 says:

    Reblogged this on themaskedrabbitsblog and commented:
    I have to re-blog this because this opened up the whole thing about Jesus being ‘fully human”.
    it also shines out the fact of Jesus’ obedience too.

    Love the way Jim takes something that we all know so well then suddenly blows it wide open with fresh perspective.


  3. Bill says:

    Excellent observation! Thank you for sharing. What a model Christ demonstrates for all of us – how can we quietly sacrifice ourselves out of love for the betterment of others, even if it’s a relatively small thing? It is sometimes, but not always, large and painful sacrifices we must make. Often it’s the “little crosses” we are each called to bear every day that are the easiest to ignore. The woman with the cardboard sign at the intersection asking for money, skip the carmel macchiato and give her the $4 instead. The stranger on the cell phone who just cut you off to make the exit, empathize with them instead of screaming at them – maybe they just lost a job, or a loved one. The friend at work who “just needs to vent”, be a listening ear or even a shoulder to lean on instead of a psychologist or motivational speaker.

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    • Thanks for the reblog sir! Man I hope you’re wrong. I’m I am God’s amenities and God needs some new amenities. All kidding aside, I think God does take pleasure in some of the simple things He sees us do. You’re right. He probably also face-palms from time to time as well…. 🙂


  4. bunnyb1802 says:

    Wow, I love this. You have put out there what we often fail to grasp really – that Jesus was FULLY man as well as fully God.
    It’s like in our minds we say “yes, of course Jesus was a man” then whisper “but He was God mostly so it doesn’t count because how could he really know what it was like? He spent more time being God”.

    But you put flesh to this, the things He gave up to be the Saviour we needed.
    Thank you so much Jim. I absolutely love this.
    This needs to go to all churches and be read out on a Sunday and probably in the streets too.
    God bless you!


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