Dude… I’m done with this crap!

So I’ve been in a rut at work lately. The bosses are happy. I’m getting along with everyone. Bringing in clients. I’m doing really well in ALMOST every aspect. But I’m a lawyer. And my production is way off. WAY off. The bosses are happy, but I’m not.  I can do better.  I’ve been in a rut for a few years actually. But these last few weeks it’s been worse then ever. How big a rut? Here’s a picture of it:

That’s a big rut dudes!

So I’m driving home from work on my way to do some hill training and it hits me. I’m done with this rut crap. I’m done with it. Like… no drama. No whatever. I’m just kinda done with it.  Like no big deal, but I’ve sorta had it with this crap of not hitting my goals.  And I’m thinking about why I lose confidence and lock up at work, etc. etc.  And I’m all focused on myself and what I can do and I’m actually not getting down on myself.  Usually I do.  But I didn’t.  I’m pretty good at my job so in my head I’m thinking there is no reason for me to lock up the way I do.  So when it comes to my technical ability, I’m all good.  I’m feeling confident about this walk-away from crap.

So then I took a break from thinking about MY abilities and I started thinking about my creator.  I tell people all the time that I’ve spoken to their creator and he doesn’t make junk.  He makes awesome.  I ain’t junk, folks.  My creator cranks out Ferraris, GT500s and Vipers.

So tomorrow morning I’m about to get about the business of kicking the living crud outta my day.

How about you?  I’ve talked to your creator and he doesn’t make junk.  Are you junk?  No way brothers and sisters.  Let’s go spill a little awesome all over the planet tomorrow, okay?




13 thoughts on “Dude… I’m done with this crap!

  1. Jim:
    We just never know why God gives us the good days and the “ruts” but I will always be grateful that I read this very AWESOME blog you shared. I decided to follow your challenge, my heart was changed, willing and listening. I am dedicating my story: Three little deer and the Grand owl, to you – thank you for being real. Blessings ~Zoey



  2. “It means freedom from thinking about yourself at all.”

    I was given that phrase three blogs up on my list. One phrase from a bigger phrase. Was taking it for myself. He said: “Share some awesome with Jim, Paul”.

    Have a great day and spill some awesome for me 🙂


  3. Time for prayer breaks. For several years everyone said be thankful for your job. And a job it was! The only thing that pulled me through was prayer for lunch. Very nourishing food. Every day presents a new challenge and a good reason to set aside time for God. The benefits are great.


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