“Gotcha” politics. Rise above.

I am bothered by politics today. It is occurring to me more and more that the current state of politics has very little to do with finding the best path for our nation. Instead, it has become a game of “gotcha” where one side is perpetually seeking to catch the other in some error or misdeed. It has gotten to the point and each side genuinely hopes for the failure of the other side, apparently without realizing that this translates to failure overall. For all of us. It is frustrating.

So I am taking a vow to rise above it. What if I lived my life with such integrity that all of the crazy regulations we fight about were meaningless? As a man who believes God created our planet, my obligation to care for it rises above and exceeds the obligation to comply with whatever environmental regulations are out there. That’s just one example. What if I spend my time helping others so that any person who might need a government program that we fight about incessantly instead depended upon help from me? Another example. How about you? What ideas do you have?

I realize that it’s not as simple as all of this. But think about rising above. What if our lives lived by faith and obedience to God put us on a path where the actions or inactions of the government were something like background noise. Present in our lives, but certainly not controlling.

Rising above the lowest common demoninator that the government strives for might just be the fix to a government that perpetually frustrates me. Render unto Ceasar that which is Ceasar’s. But beyond that, don’t pay a whole lot of attention to Ceasar.

Sounds like a plan. Thanks for reading. Hey, can you help a brother out and share this on Facebook? That would be cool!



4 thoughts on ““Gotcha” politics. Rise above.

  1. I came across your site as I was researching on google, how to
    Fight gotcha politics. Thinking about running for local city counsel here in lake Forest, CA, but people running now are so into gotcha politics and treat their campaigns like they are running for Senate. Come on, it’s local politics….
    Some good thought on gotcha politics.


  2. Nanci Haigler Flynn says:

    That’s certainly well worth a try. If nothing else, some good is more likely to come out of rising above political pettiness than out of our incessant whining about all the things we dislike about our government. We won’t see genuine change in this nation until we have a different kind of person in the offices of our national leadership, but rising above the political squabble-fest might be a workable position for making a new start in governing ourselves.


      • Nanci Haigler Flynn says:

        This is true … this is very true!! And we can talk about it, too … all the time, everywhere we are, including anywhere and everywhere we are online, just constantly telling other people what we’ve seen that worked to help another person, what we’ve experienced that could make a difference for an awful lot of folks out there in the world at large. No money spent, no ad campaigns or billboards, just people telling people what works and how to do it, just by working together. It would drive the control freaks on Capitol Hill right up the walls of those stately halls, so ya gotta know I’m on this one like white on rice!


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