What an inspiration!

Just received some amazing news about an amazing friend. He lives a life that is more radically abandoned to God than anyone I’ve ever met. Years and years ago he turned his life away from one of obsession with money and everything that comes with it. Now he runs a martial arts academy, doing amazing work with kids and infusing Biblical principles into everything they do in an intense and inspiring way. He also takes annual mission trips to feed the hungry in Central America. This guy operates at a level of connectedness with God that I can barely even fathom. Every minute of his day is consumed with service to God. It’s in inspiration just to be around him. Unbelievable.

So last night I received an invite via Facebook to attend his ordination ceremony. What? I had no idea this was even on the radar. He and his wife are being ordained as ministers. This is awesome news! It could not be happening to a more deserving family. And it makes their lives, their marriage, their connection with God, their discipline, their radical abandonment, that much more inspiring.

I’m a pretty decent guy. But I am suddenly launched into wanting what he has. Not in an envious way. But in an inspired way. When people tell you to live a life for God that makes others want what you have, that’s this guy. And I don’t even need to go through the “how does he do it” list of questions. I know what he does. I know how he lives his life. I just need to do it.

So happy for he and his wife and their family, and starting today off feeling exceptionally inspired to work toward a life of abandonment like theirs!

Go have an awesome day everyone!! Live your life today in a way that everyone around you is inspired to abandon their lives to God in an amazing way.


4 thoughts on “What an inspiration!

  1. Loved this post! It is so inspiring to hear about people who are living their lives with abandon for the Lord. May your friends be blessed in their new adventure. What a joy for you to have friends in your life who inspire you.!


  2. Jim – another kapow post – love it! And this phrase kapowed me the most:
    “What? I had no idea this was even on the radar …”

    That we can be an inspiration without being an inspiration. Just by doing what we do, being who we are, and living how we live. Anywhere. Anyplace. Anyhow. IF IF IF we allow.

    Your friend seems to be doing that where he/they are. You where you are. Me where I am. Them where they are ….. If we each allow.

    Seems to me it is the “allowing” which makes a difference. Just like what you do where you are.


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