Thrilled to be average!

My main life issues are procrastination, wasting time, and my health. And I try to fix them. I read books. I listen to podcasts. I pray. Nothing wrong with trying to fix things, right? But I take it to a destructive level. I come at it from the perspective that there is something drastically wrong with me and I get kinda dramatic about it in my own head. I get this junk all wrapped up in my head and it can really shut me down. It’s the main source of my wasting time. I can stop to take a ten minute break, look up an hour and a half later and be shocked at how much time I just lost.

But this is all changing. And it’s changing through a series of “duh” moments where I realize things that should be completely obvious. There is nothing abnormal or “derelict” about me. There are entire books on all of these issues because there is a HUGE audience of people who are just like me. They get busy, overwhelmed, start wasting time, and procrastinate. If I was somehow the world’s biggest moron because of these issues there wouldn’t be an entire shelf dedicated to them at Barnes & Noble. There wouldn’t be entire podcasts about the issue of productivity if I was somehow abnormal in my lack of productivity.

And the best one has to be internet memes. These were my main wake up call, strangely enough. I remember one in particular that was pretty funny. Picture your average barely-awake college student in bed. The quote was, “Decided to wake up at 5AM to study. It’s 5:05. Better try again at 6AM.” And I laughed because I’ve done that!! And then it hit me again. Hang on a second…. this picture is flying around Facebook collecting “likes” because I’m just like everyone else.

I am not defective.

That’s a pretty big realization because it means that attacking and defeating any one of these internal issues gives me a pretty big advantage in the world. All this stuff that “plagues” my life is no plague at all. It just makes me average. And therefore the mountain I need to climb to be extraordinary might not be as high as I thought. Is it possible that high achieving people in this world aren’t some sort of super hero, but instead have just figured out how to get over procrastination? Or get over bad eating habits? They just took on simple every day things that mess all of us up and eliminated one of them from their lives. It probably took a while. They probably failed a lot. But eventually they nailed it.

Well crud. I can do that, dude. Suddenly these things seem a little more attainable. But the main thing for me is that I can be free from feeling like a loser anytime procrastination creeps in, or bad food choices creep in. Everyone deals with this stuff. And I’m not a loser for dealing with it also. But I am able to launch my life into a new level if I can find a way to rise above even one of these things. What if I try and fail for a year before I reach that goal? Well so what? It would have been a crappy year if I hadn’t tried at all, right?

So these are the things that go through my head. I wanted to point out one source of genuinely excellent motivation and encourage you to check it out. The guy’s name is Jeff Moore and he’s seriously one of the most uplifting people I’ve met. He runs a Facebook Page and a Blog and you should check both out.

Go have an awesome day and try to help someone else have one too.



4 thoughts on “Thrilled to be average!

  1. “Iā€™m just like everyone else. I am not defective.” šŸ™‚

    Dear God,

    Thank for not creating a defective creation. Thank you for only making wondrous creations in every imaginable variety.

    Yours sincerely –

    A N Other-Creation

    PS Why did you create mirrors?


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