Teaching the Crucifixion this morning.

Last week in Sunday School I taught the promises at the Last Supper, the betrayal, the arrest of Jesus, the defense of Him and his healing of the high priest’s ear. And it stopped there.  This week I finish that up with the crucifixion itself.  The beatings, the carrying of the cross, and the ultimate death on the cross.  Not necessarily the easiest stuff to bring to a group of 3rd through 5th graders especially when my job is normally to fire them up.

I put a lot of time into thinking about what song I would use as an introduction.  I had planned on using “Untypical” by Mutemath before I read today’s lesson.  It was the song that launched me into doing large group Sunday School presentations because I saw it played at a weekend kids retreat and it hit me that Sunday school should be intense, and funny, and impactful, and not just a lecture.  So I put a lot of thought into the opening song.

But that song (check it out on YouTube) isn’t quite right for this topic.  My first thought was that I should (for the first time) pick something a little more somber.  This is a sad lesson, after all.  Then it hit me.  I need a victory song.  I need a powerful song.  Something that conveys to the kids the genuinely mind blowing power of a God who did die, which was sad, but then he walked out of hell and stunned the world.  That’s no place for a quiet little song that brings the mood down.  That an opportunity to fire these kids up about the intensity of the God we worship together.

So today’s lesson is all about victory.  Power.  The ultimate “shock and awe” campaign pressed forward by a God that could destroy us in the blink of an eye, but chooses to save us through grace instead.  I’m suddenly completely pumped about today’s lesson and I think I just found the perfect song to open things up.

This is such an amazing story we have to tell. And I suddenly have chills that I get to tell it to about a hundred kids in my own way, with my own personal story built into it. And it’s the last day I will have these 5th graders, ever. I’ll never have them in class again. Go into the world kids. Know this: Your God is amazing. He is powerful. More powerful than death. More powerful than sin. More powerful than anything this world will try to throw at you. Keep that at the center of your life. Every day. Every minute. And there’s nothing this world can do you, but there is EVERYTHING you can do for this world.

Amen. Bring it on.



5 thoughts on “Teaching the Crucifixion this morning.

  1. What an honor you had today. You may never know how many seeds you planted today but planting you did. My whole life changed when I heard HOW Jesus died not WHERE. The pain He suffered for my sins and the only way I can repay Him is to give Him my heart. My heart He holds for eternity.
    Jim I just love the way you write. Keep up the good work but remember family is first like you said in the last blog.


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