Stop quoting the Bible!!

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I recently put up a quick post about what makes you nervous when it comes to sharing your faith. I got a great answer from Linda and she said she doesn’t know the Bible as well as she would like. She doesn’t have that instant ability to quote the right Bible passage at just the right moment. My response? GOOD!

Those of us about the business of making disciples often fall into the trap of quoting the Bible all the time under the mistaken impression that it will bring people to Christ. It doesn’t. There is something funny about people who truly are genuine Biblical experts. They don’t run around tossing out Bible verses all the time. Especially when they are first meeting someone. Instead they focus on forming a relationship, listening, having actual conversation that leaves behind the goal-oriented half-listening of a person looking to drop the perfect Bible passage and show off their skills.

Where did these lunatics get such an idea?? Perhaps from Jesus Christ? Look at the times in the New Testament that Christ quotes scripture. More often than not, he is quoting it to refute the so-called scriptural experts. When approached by a blind man, he was surrounded by people quoting a load of scripture and reaching the very reasonable conclusion that this man’s parents must have been sinners. Then they all did a round of fist bumps because they were such experts in scripture.

Jesus didn’t quote scripture. He just gave the man sight and asked for nothing in return.

Scripture is important. But it’s best function is to help us MATURE as Christians. It is often not what initially MAKES us seek Christ. What truly makes disciples is your story. It is easy to forget what life was like before you entered into a life of faith. But it probably didn’t happen because someone was an expert on the Bible and started spitting out Bible verses at you.

So Linda, read your Bible and build your relationship with Christ through the study of scripture. It’s what we’re supposed to do and it’s awesome. But never be afraid to tell someone your story. And if they start drilling you on your Bible knowledge… a great answer is, “I don’t know.” And even better answer is, “I don’t know… but let’s check it out.” Then grab a Bible, and probably a little help from Google, and dive in.

We were built to be heroes. And it’s about time we started acting like heroes.

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7 thoughts on “Stop quoting the Bible!!

  1. bunnyb1802 says:

    Still an area I struggle in (faith-sharing) but this post gives me hope. I can’t quote chapter and verse.
    I love that you write about building the relationship first, waiting for the opportunity to speak but firstly listening to the person.

    Good post Jim.


  2. I absolutely love this.
    When I was still a toddler in my walk with Christ, I was in a Christian writing group and there was a woman in the group who had scripture on speed dial for every situation. She would boast of her memorization prowess, wielding it like a self-righteous crown over my head.
    I have seen people use their knowledge of scripture and pass it off as intimacy with Christ. The Truth is, most people can memorize scripture. But I believe understanding scripture and its context is essential to intimacy with Christ. By storing up His Word in our hearts, we begin to look (and act) more like Him.
    Thanks so much for this amazing post. I couldn’t agree with you more. šŸ™‚


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