Practical Evil: Part Four – Sneak attack.

Leaking Boat

Through Parts One, Two and Three we can see that evil works its way into us and does everything possible to put distance between us and God.  But how?  Why don’t we see it?  I am not a perfect Christian, but it seems like I would see evil coming and run for the hills.  Why is evil so successful and getting into my head?

Looking at war, there are two basic options.  Surround your enemy and charge the gate.  Or a sneak attack.  Evil is a pretty smart adversary, so it does both.  Instead of death by a single blow, it’s death by a thousand cuts as one of the commenters noted on Part One.  The strategy of evil would be more akin to sending in a thousand infiltrators and hiding them in plain sight.  We are bombarded with messages every day and we barely give it a second thought.

  • How many times a day are women told they are not thin enough?  Not attractive enough?  Not “sexy” enough?
  • Men, how many times a day are you confronted with an image of a woman not fully dressed?  It’s everywhere.
  • How many times are you offered debt in a single day?  Count it up some time.
  • How easy is it to access images of pornography at no cost and completely anonymously?
  • How many apps and tools exist to erase your internet history on your phone or PC?

The list could go on forever.  Listen, if evil stormed the gate we’d see it.  We would call for help and fight back.  We would cry out to God.  But evil doesn’t storm the gate.  It sits outside the gate, surrounding you, waiting patiently.  Just tap, tap, tapping on the door knowing it will open one day just a little.  And just a little is more than enough.  Like water, it will find the tiniest of breaches and work its way in.  If a huge hole blew into the side of your boat you would address it immediately.  But a slow leak can sink a boat just as well and you don’t even know it’s happening until it’s too late.

How on earth do we defend ourselves against something that we can barely tell is there, but we know is everywhere?  How do we win?  Well… that’s a topic for Part Five.


We were built to be heroes.  It’s about time we started acting like heroes.


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