Load of Awesome: The Grand Finale

I’ve been writing for about a week in a series called “Load of Garbage” and it was all about the things we tell ourselves that stop us from making disciples. And I’m all done with that. But why did I bother writing that series? Because your story matters. It matters a lot. And you are awesome.

“How does he know I’m awesome? He doesn’t. He’s never met me.”

You know what, that’s true. But I know a Ferrari is awesome even thought I’ve never driven one. I know a Stradivarius sounds amazing even though I’ve never heard one played live.

How do I know this? Because I know something about their makers. I know something about what Ferrari creates and how they create it. And they do not make junk. They make awesome. I know something about how a Stradivarius is made. It is made from the best materials, by the best craftsmen. They don’t make junk. They make awesome.

And I know something about God. God doesn’t make junk. God makes awesome. Look around you. Look at this AMAZING world we live in. Isn’t the creation of God truly breathtaking? We so easily accept that God makes awesome things when we see mountains, and oceans, and eagles, and snow leopards.

And then we look in the mirror and say, “God made junk.” Just typing that up brings tears to my eyes because I see so much in all of you. I didn’t say, “So much potential.” That’s code for “You suck now but someday you might not suck.” No. I see awesome inside of you today. Right now. God created a planet, a cosmos, full of awesome things and you are one of those things.

Do this: Go back to that mirror. Yeah, I’m asking you to really do this. (You too, Paul and Nanci.) Go look in the mirror and say out loud, “God makes awesome. And God made me.” Do that. We’ll wait.

Did you say it out loud? No? Of course not. That’s cheating. Try again. We’ll wait. Go! Go now.

I really need everyone who reads this blog to feel this right down to their bone marrow. We stop ourselves from making disciples because we have so much self-hate. And listen, I get that. I have PLENTY of self-hate. It is 100% debilitating and often shuts me down completely.

But I am awesome. Jim Voigt was created by God and God makes awesome. And he put a story inside of me because he knew I would meet you. He knew you needed to hear my story. And that I needed to hear yours.

God makes awesome. And God made you. And the world is ready for you. Are you ready for it? If not, I can help. We’ll do it together. Because where more than one of us is gathered, God is there. And two can often be awesomer than one.

Let’s go be awesomer for a while.ย  The world needs it.

We were built to be heroes. It’s about time we started acting like heroes.

Photo credit: http://www.worldslastchance.com/biblical-christian-beliefs/secret-of-salvation.html

8 thoughts on “Load of Awesome: The Grand Finale

  1. It’s easy to allow ourselves to listen to and believe Satan’s lies. He uses vehicles such as magazine covers and the big screen to goad us into accepting the lie. Naturally, we turn the lie inward and reflect on our seemingly faulty, defective self, and that internal reflection affects the outward reflection we see in the mirror. How sad for us to openly embrace a hurtful, damaging lie rather than savor the awesome Truth of God’s love. We are created in His image. So if we believe we are somehow flawed, that must mean we think He is flawed, too.
    And how could our Creator, the Grand Weaver (as Ravi Zacharias calls Him), create anything but Awesome?
    Thank you for this much needed and insightful piece. I love it!


  2. bunnyb1802 says:

    I need to go away and think on this some. You’re right, I know you’re right. But the little voices are very hard to shut up. It would be very easy for me to go “yeah, great. Love it and yes, I think “awesome” already” but I’m trying to be more honest these days and honestly, I really struggle with the whole issue of me being awesome because God made me. Clearly I have issues.

    Love your heart, Jim, and love the enthusiasm that God has put inside you and a fire to speak up, speak out and be counted. Keep on doing it, keep writing, keep speaking out because you are changing the world and challenging people daily (including me).


    • That voice in your head has a name. Starts with an S. Ends with an N. And he knows how to weave himself into every bad thing you’ve done and never let you forget it, and every good thing you’ve done and never let you celebrate it. Let me take a stab at this. Anything godd you do is a flash in the pan, probably never to be repeated. Right? And anything bad you do is a label you wear forever to remind you that you’re not really this good person everyone thinks you are.

      Sound familiar?

      I have the same voice in my head brother. The same voice. And Christ did too. But he did something amazing. He looked that voice right in the face and walked away. He hung on that cross, and took all of that mess inside your head down to hell with him. And he left it there.

      He left it there.

      He did that for you. Not for “mankind”. He did it for Paulfg. He did it for you.

      Wrap your head around that brother, because there is no escaping it. And this is why I Cannot Contain this anymore. This is why I crank out a blog post every single day and still feel like I’m barely scratching the surface of what needs to be done to convince this world that the voice you are hearing inside your head is a lie. And it’s a desperate lie because it knows you are close. It knows how close you are to breaking through and it will throw everything at you to prevent that. Porn. Sin. Guilt. Shame. It will PILE THAT ON because that voice in your head is terrified of what someone like you would do to his world if you ever found out that you’ve been set free.

      This jail your in? The door is sitting open.

      Walk out of it. With me.


  3. Jim – what a fine piece! (and I cheated .. sue me!) ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yet you reminded me of something so powerful today: yes the birds and bees, and all the stuff out there … and then the mirror in the bathroom each day. “Looking okay today” or “need some sleep” or all the other one-liners each day. So why do I do the wow over birds and bees – and never the mirror: “My God! There you are!! Wow! How do you do that fine piece of work?”

    Won’t be cheating tomorrow! Thank you!!


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