Load of Garbage 4: I’m too chicken!

I almost can’t title this post “Load of Garbage” even though it’s part of that series because struggling with witnessing is normal. It’s NOT a load of garbage to say you have a hard time talking about Christ. On the one hand, good witnessing Christians will make you feel guilty for not being as bold as they are. The Bible refers to them as “Judgmental Know-it-All A-holes.”  I think that’s in Proverbs 29.  Not sure.  And on the other hand, your non-Christian friends will make you think you are a weirdo.  Can we take step one?  You are a weirdo.  So let’s be done with that.  If you feel like a weirdo, that’s how you know you’re doing it right.  The trick is not to figure out a way to witness without feeling weird.  The trick is to get to where you are okay with feeling weird.

One of the greatest contributors to this blog recently asked me about this. He asked for practical information about how to witness when you’re nervous about doing it. He mentioned being in a small group discussion with non-believers and was upset he didn’t chime in and witness his faith. He chickened out.  Yeah. BEEN THERE! Ever turn down the Christian song you were blasting because you realized you were at a stoplight and people might hear it?? I’ve done that too. Here was my answer, and I thought it might be helpful to everyone:

Dude. YOU HAVE A BLOG!! Start there, bro. It is so much easier to first proclaim your faith on an anonymous internet. At first mine was completely anonymous. I had a blog titled “So Long Self” after the Mercy Me song. And you would never have known it was me. Now here I am blogging the crud out of the Bible every day with my personal email address and even phone number out there for the world. Everyone at work knows it, and trust me, my family knows it and is probably about heard enough of it.

Start small. Take that small group, for example. Maybe that was too much for a start. We think that witnessing is the process of converting people from hostile non-believer to believer in a single conversation. It’s rarely that. Perhaps never that. These are people who have literally seen faith, checked it out, and said, “No thanks.” I will work on them later. You witness to the hurting. To the empty. To those who society has forgotten. That includes the divorced or soon to be divorced. Those buried in debt. The homeless. The mentally challenged. The depressed. The single mom.  The EVERYONE! Right?

And here’s another tip if you’re nervous. ACT FIRST. TALK ABOUT FAITH SECOND. I spend a fair amount of time pouring into the lives of others. I give a lot. Not a lot of money. I give a lot of time. When they figure out I am a Christian, they have a context to fit that into. And the context is someone who gives all the time without ever asking for something in return. Then the resurrection makes more sense. I have given them an immeasurably small taste of the shocking level of giving of Christ engaged in when He died on the cross for us. My giving is nothing compared to His. But it is a starting point. Give first. Preach second.

So do this. Spend one hour today thinking of ways you can give selflessly this week without ever giving anyone any money. You can give some money too, but do that next week. Giving without giving cash is harder than you think. Do that. For a week. Even just a few things. Give. You will see doors open up to talk about your faith. Over time. Not ten minutes of time. Ten months of time. Jesus spent three years with his disciples and they still didn’t get it until he walked out of that tomb. Look how much giving he did during that time!

Start with giving, and report back if you don’t mind. Let us know how it goes, and if any doors opened up for you. For me, it’s been debt. I help people get out of debt and fight off collectors for free (I’m a lawyer so I know all the good tricks.) And during that months-long process I tell them how I decided to get out of debt. The Christians who poured into my life. The principals I learned before I even knew they were Biblical. That’s my thing. Find yours. Today!

So those were my thoughts and I wanted to pass them along to everyone. But let’s do this. What are YOUR thoughts? At some point you may have been nervous about witnessing your faith. How did that change? No theories. Just nuts and bolts stuff. Leave a comment. I’d love to read about it.

We were built to be heroes. It’s about time we started acting like heroes.


13 thoughts on “Load of Garbage 4: I’m too chicken!

  1. I like the ideas you shared. I’ve always chicken about witnessing verbally, however my first start has been my blog. Even that was a slow start. It took me a while to start sharing my blog on Facebook where friends and family could see it and I believe many still don’t read it there. But I am taking baby steps.


  2. I so enjoy your common sense advise. The one way I witness is to go to the Rockford Rescue Mission and teach the women how to make jewelry. Now that seems like a little thing but they see me bring all my jewelry stuff and let them use it all for free. And then their hearts are opened to hear just how much Christ loves them. I use a lot of broken jewelry and they make something new out of it. It is a metaphor for their lives. Their lives are broken and Christ can and will change their lives into something beautiful. The look on their faces when they make their first piece of jewelry is so cool. The look on their faces when God changes their lives is even better.
    I would love to know how to get out of debt. Do you have a blog for that. I am turning 70 this year and it is the first time in all those years that I don’t have enough money to pay my bills or buy my medicine. It is my own fault but I know God is my provider and will help me find a way. God bless you on 100 Post. WOO HOO!!!


    • Give first. Witness second. I love it!

      I would be happy to talk to you about debt and budgeting. My mom has my cell number. Best time to reach me is between 6:30 and 7:00 PM while I’m driving home.


  3. You know we are the body of Christ? I think I must be an elbow. Good for propping up the chin whilst others listen and talk. Let’s hear it for elbows and chins – we are connected!! 🙂


  4. Awesome, bro. They way we live is a much bigger witness than the words we say. People have heard it all before. They haven’t seen it. When Jesus healed someone, He didn’t go through a big spiel about how bad they were, or how much they had sinned. He healed, and then people believed. It’s not our job to “save” people. We speak life and truth, and the Holy Spirit works from there. He’s a pretty big boy. I’m confident he can handle the job.

    Great post as always, my man.


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