Load of Garbage: Part 3 (I’m a Biblical moron)


“I am not an expert in the Bible so I cannot make disciples.”  Well…..   THAT’S A LOAD OF GARBAGE.  Perhaps these points are controversial, but here we go:

  1. You don’t need to be a Biblical expert to make disciples.
  2. You don’t need to win debates in Facebook about the Bible to make disciples.
  3. You don’t need to memorize Bible passages to make disciples.
  4. You don’t need to go to seminary to make disciples.

With the possible exception of Facebook debates, these are all things that may be good to do at some point in your life.  There is certainly nothing wrong with being a Biblical expert.  There is nothing wrong with going to seminary.  There is nothing wrong with memorizing Bible passages.  These are good things.

But here’s the deal: There is EVERYTHING WRONG with waiting until you’ve done all or any of these things before you start making disciples.  You can, and should, starting making disciples TODAY.  Even if you’re not yet a Biblical expert.  Even if you’ve never memorized a Bible verse.  Even if you haven’t gone to seminary.  You see, the ones who DID go to seminary aren’t necessarily supposed to be making disciples of everyone.  They are supposed to be teaching US to do that.  There are simply not enough pastors, priests, preachers and ministers to get this job done.   God needs us.  God needs you.

Your number one tool in making disciples is your story.

Your story.  Read that again if you need to.  Your number one tool in making disciples is your story.  You are already an expert at your own story.  You are already an expert at how God worked his way into your life.  You will never lose a debate on Facebook about your story.  Your story is absolutely the perfect device for making disciples and it was crafted with care and handed to you by God.

So go use it.

The Bible is a powerful tool for making disciples.  The Bible PLUS your story is an unstoppable tool.  Most people operate under the assumption that their story is boring, or too tragic, or too complicated.  Who the heck would want or need to hear your story anyway?  I’ll tell you who: The people who God has placed into your lives that you might just be ignoring right now.  I propose that there are people in your life who desperately need to hear your story and that God is saddened by your refusal to tell it.  Think that over.

I know something, because I know a little bit about how God creates things.  He makes amazing things.  He made you.  He made your story.  And I believe he wants you to tell it.

So read your Bible.  Memorize your Bible verses.  Even go to seminary.  But don’t wait to start telling your story until you’ve done all those things.  Please.


We were built to be heroes.  It’s about time we started acting like heroes.




Photo credit: Olivander / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

9 thoughts on “Load of Garbage: Part 3 (I’m a Biblical moron)

  1. bunnyb1802 says:

    Jim, there are times I hate you. (not really my friend) What i mean to say is, you convict me and it sucks!
    My big weakness – witnessing! Telling my story.
    I struggle, I really do.

    It’s a combo of feeling like people will just explain away parts of my story, that there are areas that I’m not even sure what happened but that I “feel” that God was involved, instigated and the last being that I have big time FEAR OF MAN!

    Only today I missed an opportunity to just be public about being a believer in a small group who were saying they weren’t. I kept quiet.
    I hate it about myself.
    Even now, I’m kicking myself and feeling shame, beating myself with 2 Tim 2:12.

    If you have any advice for a weakling like me on this then please let me in on it. I have prayed and prayed about it but I’m not progressing where I think I should be.

    A great post Jim but really hitting me in the soul too. I think it’s called conviction!


    • Dude. YOU HAVE A BLOG!! Start there, bro. It is so much easier to proclaim your faith on an anonymous internet. At first mine was completely anonymous. I had a blog titled “So Long Self” after the Mercy Me song. And you would never have known it was me. Now here I am blogging the crud out of the Bible every day with my personal email address and even phone number out there for the world. Everyone at work knows it, and trust me, my family knows it and is probably about heard enough of it. Start small. Take that small group, for example. Maybe that was too much for a start. We think that witnessing in the process of converting people from hostile non-believer to believer in a single conversation. It’s rarely that. Perhaps never that. These are people who have literally seen faith, checked it out, and said, “No thanks.” I will work on them later. You witness to the hurting. To the empty. To those who society has forgotten. That includes the divorced or soon to be divorced. Those buried in debt. The homeless. The mentally challenged. The depressed. The EVERYONE! Right? And here’s another tip if you’re nervous. ACT FIRST. TALK ABOUT FAITH SECOND. I spend a fair amount of time pouring into the lives of others. I give a lot. Not a lot of money. I give a lot of time. When they figure out I am a Christian, they have a context to fit that into. And the context is someone who gives all the time without ever asking for something in return. Then the resurrection makes more sense. I have given them an immeasurably small taste of the shocking level of giving of Christ engaged in when He died on the cross for us. My giving is nothing compared to His. But it is a starting point. Give first. Preach second. So do this. Spend one hour today thinking of ways you can give selflessly this week without ever giving anyone any money. You can give some money too, but do that next week. Giving without giving cash is harder than you think. Do that. For a week. Even just a few things. Give. You will see doors open up to talk about your faith. Over time. Not ten minutes of time. Ten months of time. Jesus spent three years with his disciples and they still didn’t get it until he walked out of that tomb. Look how much giving he did during that time! Start with giving, and report back if you don’t mind. Let us know how it goes, and if any doors opened up for you. For me, it’s been debt. I help people get out of debt and fight off collectors for free. And during that months-long process I tell them how I decided to get out of debt. The Christians who poured into my life. The principals I learned before I even know they were Biblical. That’s my thing. Find yours. Today!


      • bunnyb1802 says:

        Thanks Jim. That is a concise answer. It’s a bit like turning up at a gym & not knowing what equipment to use then someone points you to the floor and showed you a sit up so you start with that.

        I’ll be thinking and yes, will happily report back.


  2. Nanci Haigler Flynn says:

    Your point is so well taken that it convinced me to tell my story when you made this point to me inescapably up close and personal. In the course of telling my story I came to realize that ‘go into the world and make disciples of everyone’ was Jesus’ instruction to tell my story of how his love touched my life. It’s all about obeying him, and obedience is a respect issue with Our Father who is in heaven. Thanks for showing me that all my excuses for disobeying my divine instructions were a load of garbage.


  3. Dear Mr V – this is quite a story you are telling. And today, I have to stop by, knock on your door, and say Thank You bro! This tapestry of telling I read here and elsewhere has many colours and fabrics. Yet “fits” perfectly!


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