Load of Garbage: Part 2

“I am not a missionary.” Ummm…. what? You know the routine by now people. All together in unison:


Yeah. You are a missionary you screwball. Let’s go.

Missionary: “A person who goes to a remote part of the world to learn a never before translated language and lives in huts and eats bugs and teaches untouched people groups about the salvation of Jesus Christ.”

True. Even the bug thing probably.

Missionary: “A person who teaches their children, who sometimes eat bugs, about the salvation of Jesus Christ.”

True.  Even the bug thing probably.  If you have boys.

Missionary: “A person who writes a book about the amount of damage that can be done to a human being, but they can still be saved by the salvation of Jesus Christ.”


Have you volunteered to be a missionary?  Maybe not.  Are you a missionary?  Of course you are.  People often fail to realize that their mission field is sitting right in front of their noses every day.  This is why I wrote the post yesterday about talking about God at work.  Work is your mission field.  Here’s one for you:  YOUR KIDS ARE YOUR MISSION FIELD.  Trust me, they are NOT going to learn this stuff in public school, and to be honest, they shouldn’t.  Your home is your first and most important mission field.

A post on this blog would not be complete without me confessing some shortcomings.  The good news is that I have SO MANY shortcomings that I can post about them every day.

I did not treat my own home as a mission field until very recently.  I teach a hundred kids in Sunday School every week.  But I wasn’t teaching my own kids the same thing.  I started figuring this out when my younger daughter (6) always wanted to stay in the class I taught even though it was geared toward older kids.  She wanted to learn what I was teaching those kids.  She wanted my mission to include her.

I started to feel like a real jerk.  I was spending all this time on a mission and walking right past my own kids in the process.  We did not pray together, we did not read the Bible together, I didn’t teach them anything about what Christ has done in my life or what He can do in theirs.  What the heck dude???   Am I dumb?   Well….  you read the blog, so…

You do not have to go through a laying on of hands ceremony and church and hop on a plane to Whoknowswhereistan to be a missionary.  Now be careful… God might just call you to do that one day.  But until He does, your mission field is probably less than a hundred feet from the tip of your nose at any given moment of the day.  You had better get about the business of that mission.

We were built to be heroes.  It’s about time we started acting like heroes.  And missionaries.


2 thoughts on “Load of Garbage: Part 2

  1. You are not alone Jim. Until recently, I did nothing about witnessing to others or sharing my faith that openly with very many people. I suspect there are many of us rowing that same boat. Great series Jim, very encouraging.


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