Load of Garbage: Part 1

I was in sales for a long time. The sales process is very simple: You get rejected constantly. People constantly confront you with objections to avoid buying from you. So as a salesperson, you become highly skilled at overcoming objections. You actually create lists of common objections and you have planned responses for each one.

But this post is NOT going to be, “How to overcome objections of people you are trying to bring to Christ.” Because if you are like a lot of Christians (me included) you don’t actually spend a lot of time doing that. Why? Because you have objections in your own head that stop you. We will call these objections a “Load of Garbage” which is not really a Biblical term but it probably should be. There are a bunch of them. Let’s tackle one of them today.

“I cannot talk about my faith at work.”

All together now, in unison, let’s say it: THAT’S A LOAD OF GARBAGE! I’m not telling you to bring your megaphone in and start reading from second Timothy in the break room. But how do we talk about our faith and make disciples at work, especially if you are in an environment where there are specific rules against it, and not get fired?

1 – Leave a Bible out on your desk where people can see it. Don’t put a sign on it that says, “Hey look, this is a Bible!” Just set it out there in a spot on your desk. Sooner or later someone will ask you about it. Probably when they really need a shoulder or support. And if those rules are super harsh you can even say, “You know they are weird around here about talking about this stuff, but let’s grab lunch.” And the PAY FOR LUNCH. is this bribery? I don’t know, but I closed a lot of business over lunches.

2 – Get the heck out of debt. What does that have to do with bringing people to Christ? Massive debt load is one of the things that divides us from God. Get your own tail out of debt and do it fast. Now you have a story to tell. That has nothing to do with God and faith, so you’re not getting in trouble with the boss. Tell your friends buried in debt to go through Financial Peace University. Where is that held? At churches. Almost always at churches. See what I did there? Now your non-believing friends are in a church learning how to get out of debt from a strong Christian man who teaches that we live like no one else today so that later we can give like no one else. BOO YA!! Take that and shove it right up your “no faith talk” policy Mr. Human Resources Dude!

3 – Read the entire book of Proverbs every month. It’s a chapter a day. So this. Why? Because it is jammed full of wisdom. If you get it engrained into yourself all the way down to the bone marrow you will be wise. People will ask you questions on to handle something and you will have wise answers. And you don’t need to be a weirdo about it. “Proverbs 29:34 guides me to tell you that you should solve this problem thusly…” No. Relax. Just give good advice. Be wise. And since so few people are wise these days, someone is eventually going to ask you how you got that way.

4 – Be a friend. Always always be willing to help out. Sure, help around the office. But you get paid for that. I mean the stuff outside the office. Rumor is that Joe is moving? Shoot him an email and offer to help him move. Any chance you get to pour into someone else’s life, take it. And without ever seeking anything in return.

5 – Speak fondly of your spouse. Say nice things about her/him frequently. Not gushy stuff that is obviously made up. Just genuine respect and awe for what they bring into your life. Why? Because divorce is like debt. Everyone is doing it. And I will tell you this: one of the best way to connect with someone SOUL TO SOUL at a deep level is to be there for them when their marriage is struggling. That is an open door to creating a disciple. And they will come to you. Without being awkward about it, just make it known that you are amazed by your wife. Don’t muffle the “I love you” at the end of the phone call. Shout it out brothers and sisters! If your spouse and kids stop by the office to say hello, don’t treat them like a distraction. Be thrilled that they are there and let that show. Let people know you are happy in your home life and they will wonder how to be happy in theirs.

See the theme? Live your life in such a way that they come looking for your faith story. That way you don’t have to jam it down their throats in a break-room alter call that wouldn’t make disciples anyway. Be the person that makes people wonder how you got that way. And how they got that way. Draw them to you. Because they are not actually drawn to you. They are drawn to the light of Jesus Christ that resides in you. It takes time. None of these are one-time tips that work every time. It is a long term commitment to being the type of person that people are drawn to, so that they can later see Christ in you and the opportunity to have Christ in themselves.

Woo hoo! Problem solved. Now quit reading this at work and go make a disciple!

We were built to be heroes. It’s about time we started acting like heroes.


11 thoughts on “Load of Garbage: Part 1

  1. bunnyb1802 says:

    Great post. I was always lousy at witnessing at work. Infact I shrank from it. There’s a confession for you! I just felt awkward, not knowing what to say. These are great suggestions but of course now I don’t work. LOL. I’m sure I will be able to deas though in some fashion.


  2. Nanci Haigler Flynn says:

    You’re still an excellent salesman, James, and you can’t beat the ‘product’ you’re selling. Excellent recommendations, too. Nothing like demonstrating what you’re offering to convince your target of its value.


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