a) Serve God b) Serve man c) Both

As Christians we are allowed to choose.  I believe this is because God is a little bit crazy.  Has He actually met us?  We’re morons.  Or at leat I am.  I am consistently surprised at how non-moronic all my readers are.  Perhaps I am your mission field…  Hmm.  Topic for another day.

Anyhoo… life is our little multiple choice exam.  Should you serve God?  Or should you serve man?  From the back of the class a guy shoots his hand into the air yelling, “Oooh ooh!  Pick me!  Pick me!”  He proudly answers, “We are supposed to serve God!”  He is flattened when the professors reports that his answer is wrong.  The next guy figures there were only two answers, so he tells the professor we’re supposed to serve man and everyone rolls their eyes because that’s SUCH A DUMB ANSWER.

But it’s right.

Question: What is the best way to serve God?  Prayer?  Church attendance?  Small group?  K-Love?  Reading blogs?

The best way to serve God is to serve man.  Read that again (I’ll wait…)  The answer is C: both A and B.  God can send down angels whenever he likes to change flat tires and help with money and teach and mentor us.  We would call them Guardian Angels and instead of being a rare occurrence we would see them all the time!  We’d send our guardo (we would totally call them that) out to grab coffee, hook us up with raises, all sorts of cool stuff.

But God didn’t do that.  We are his elected hands and feet.  So all of “those people” who need help are supposed to be on your personal to do list.  And you are on someone else’s personal to do list.  It’s a great system.  Except we’re blowing it.  Huge.  Let’s look at starvation for a minute.  Does our planet produce enough food for us to all survive?  Sure it does.  On average.  Food grows better some places rather than others.  So… do we have the means to transport it?  Sure!  Woo hoo!  We design all sorts of amazing machines and systems to transport stuff.  We have whole industries that deal with “supply chain logistics” and stuff that I don’t understand.  (My brother does.  He’s a genius.)

So we’re good.  We have plenty of food.  Bummer, it doesn’t grow everywhere.  But we’re super advanced at shipping things.  So no starvation.  But starvation persists.  Why?  Because a lot of us choose Option A.  A lot of choose Option B.  And not enough of us choose the only real option there is which is Option C.  We were built to serve God and we do so by serving man.

It’s an awesome system.  Who wants to try it with me?


We were built to be heroes.  It’s about time we started acting like heroes.


One thought on “a) Serve God b) Serve man c) Both

  1. Nanci Haigler Flynn says:

    Great idea!! Let’s all jump on that bandwagon and ride it to the glory of God. I’m going to, for sure. Tomorrow. I’m busy tonight, but I’m sure I’ll have plenty of time tomorrow to serve God by serving man. You will, too, you’ll see. And then we can all get together and feed the hungry, heal the sick, free the enslaved. Tomorrow. Maybe that’s why we still have famine and disease and human beings held in bondage of many kinds all over the world. Because we’re going to make a difference in the world tomorrow.


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