Let’s be weird. I mean REALLY weird…

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I’ve seen some interesting posts about the darkness that must have been on the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter.  When we feel like God has left us, or failed us, even for a day, it’s hard.  Imagine the 400 years of silence from God BEFORE Christ arrived.  That must have been brutal.  But then again… looking at today… maybe it wasn’t.  Maybe it looked just like today.

Four hundred years is a long time.  A very long time.  Plenty of time to start to forget.  If you can imagine the despair on the day before Easter, feeling that all is lost and giving up on what you thought was finally the savior you had been waiting for.  Well now imagine being told that a savior was coming, and it didn’t happen.  And it didn’t happen.  And it didn’t happen.  For four hundred years.

I can picture what might be going on.  You will have the die-hards who never give up hope.  You will have those who are basically still on board and believe but have kind of settled into fairly normal but still observant lives.  But both of those categories are pretty much written off as weird.  I’m mean, let’s be honest.  It’s been four hundred years people.

Then there is the majority of folks.  They’ve basically thrown in the towel.  They may still go to worship every week but they are mostly going through the motions.  Even more will have given up entirely.  Why bother even going to worship every week?  This was a great prophecy but by now we know it’s just not going to happen.  It’s been 400 years!

But it did happen.  Four hundred years of waiting came to an end.  The prophecy was fulfilled.

And now we’re back to waiting.  We have our own prophecies.  There are predictions of what will happen after the return of Christ.  And when you read the Bible, it’s pretty obvious that a lot of people thought that those prophecies were going to come true pretty quickly.  Paul warns us about that.  So here’s the question.  What camp are you in now that we’ve been waiting 2,000 years?  I gotta tell you, I think we’re right back where we were before Christ rode in on a donkey.  The vast majority have written this thing off as just not happening.  Heck, there are plenty that don’t believe that God even exists.  Didn’t create the world.  Etc.

I guess you can’t really blame them.  It’s been 2,000 years people.  So here is my encouragement.  Be the weirdo that says, “No, I really do believe these prophecies even after all these 2,000 years.”  We know that enough people hated Christ and failed to believe that he was crucified.  But I have to believe there were probably those very few die-hards that said, at least to themselves, “I tried to tell ya.  I never lost hope after all these 400 years.”

I want to be in that camp.  I want to be weird.  I want to be the die-hard that keeps believing even though it’s been 2,000 years.

Let’s be weird!  Let’s stay in the Word every day.  Let’s keep talking about it.  Blogging about it.  Being excited about it.  And spreading the Word to as many as will listen.  We will get rejected and we will be ignored.  We will be laughed at.  We will be ridiculed.  Depending on where we are in the world, we may be tossed in jail.  But let’s be that group that can whisper at that last moment, “I tried to tell you” because the thing we have to tell is shocking and amazing and life changing and awesome.  So let’s not let 2,000 years slow us down, and let’s amaze some people who really really NEED to be amazed.


We were built to be heroes.  It’s about time we started acting like heroes.


13 thoughts on “Let’s be weird. I mean REALLY weird…

  1. Nanci Haigler Flynn says:

    Thanks for the compliment, Paul … being thought provoking is so much more pleasant than just being provoking in general! [Sorry, kiddo … just couldn’t resist! B| ]


    • Nanci Haigler Flynn says:

      Now you’ve said the magic word: weird!! I’ve been bragging about being weird in many ways for more than half a century now … weird means abnormal, abnormal means away from the norm, the norm is the average, and I have no interest in being average in any way. I’m especially not interested in being an average Christian, the folks you’ve mentioned who have burned out on waiting for Jesus to return and who are now simply going through the motions of worship, if they’re bothering to do even that.

      It’s true that we’ve been waiting 2,000 years for the promised rapture of the believers who have given their heart to Jesus and received his Spirit, making them a whole new creation. A great many Christians, and even more non-Christians, consider those people, those born again believers, to be card carrying weirdos to be derided and disrespected with impunity. Even a lot of Christians who are serious about loving God and worshiping him at least once a week, who have been known to read their Bible every day for long periods of time because they know it’s the right thing to do, still hold Jesus at arm’s length because they have no intention of becoming one of those weirdos.

      So, what’s stopping all those people from looking within themselves and seeing just how far they have missed the mark of God’s will in general and his plan for their unique life in particular? Why won’t they allow their heart to break under the weight of that guilt, that callous waste of the suffering and death of the Son of God himself? Why don’t they fall on the knees of their heart, maybe even the knees of their legs, before their Heavenly Father, asking his forgiveness for their separation from him? Why don’t they pour out their heart, expresssing their trust that Jesus did indeed suffer, die and rise from the dead so they wouldn’t have to spend not their earthly life but eternity, as well, cut off from their Heavenly Father who individually designed and created them? Why won’t they really give Almighty God, the Source of all reality, their own Heavenly Father complete control of their every thought, word and deed?

      Why don’t they announce to the world at large that they are proud and filled with peace and joy to be born again believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, with the love of God spilling out of them onto everyone they encounter because they are so filled with that love that they, as the name of your blog says, Cannot Contain it? Because they don’t really want to be considered weirdos, that’s why. They don’t mind being avid Christians … it’s not popular, but it’s not card-carrying weird. Some of them don’t even mind talking about Jesus and doing their best to emulate him in the way they live their life. But that born again Christian business is just a bit too weird for an awful lot of people who call themselves Christian, and believe that they are right in doing so.

      They might even think that no one really knows whether they are or are not born again as long as they do a lot of traditionally Christian stuff. But the day will come, very probably much sooner than they dare to even consider, when everyone will know for a fact who is and who is not one of those born again Christian weirdos. After 2,000 years of waiting, and wondering when, and forgetting that it has been promised, there will be a day when those born again weirdos will simply vanish into thin air. When that moment arrives, those weirdos will leave behind not only the billions of people who have had the opportunity to be born again and rejected it, but a lot of people who rent pew space in Christian churches every week and do good things between Sundays.

      It breaks my heart to know that a lot of people I care about, even love, would be left on this planet that will rapidly descend into abject chaos if that moment happened today or tomorrow, and it very well could. I pray that they will ask God to break the hold of their secret pride so they can experience the genuine repentance and gain the God-given courage to join me and billions of others as a born again Christian, so that they can find themselves filled with peace and joy as they, too, become proudly weird for Jesus. And I won’t stop praying for them and all other unbelievers as long as I have breath in my body and I’m here on this earth, either. I’m just weird like that, you know?


  2. Speaking as one who has a lord quite fond of driving the batmobile in full dress – I think I can add a sane comment here. For me the one big difference betwen now and then is simply “relationship” – having become family I wait no longer. I already am (and cannot resist the follow-on … I am of I Am). Family is family. Always will be, always should be. So I thank you brother – I like your kinda weird – makes my kinda weird so much nore normal. 🙂


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