OMG! I met the CEO!

A good friend of mine recently told me a story about meeting the CEO of his parent company.  He works for a large company, and the parent is one of the largest companies in the world.  My friend happened to be on a trip out of the country, which happened to land him close to the parent company’s global headquarters.  So he figured he would set an appoinment to meet with the CEO of the parent company.  Hey, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, right?

To his amazement, the CEO accepted the meeting request.  This guy heads up one of the largest companies in the world, and he took time out of his day to meet a manager from a subsidiary company basically just to say hello.  My friend was floored.  And he described the meeting as being very friendly and cordial and he was surprised how accomodating the CEO was.

While I don’t know it for a fact, I am guessing that my friend rehearsed his “hello” greeting a few times in the mirror.  He had to make special travel arrangements and took up most of a day to make this happen.  He was probably nervous (although this particular friend seems to be entirely fearless).  He straightened his tie.  Checked for stains on the shirt from lunch.  And then walked in, not knowing exactly what to expect.

I enjoyed the story, and I was thinking it over the next day.  And it hit me.  This was an exciting story about having a few minutes of time with a CEO of a large company.  And it was a BIG DEAL.  How do I treat the chance to get a few minutes of time with the Creator of everything around me?  A few minutes with the man who took my sins down to hell, left them there, and then walked out of a tomb defeating death.  How do I treat that?  Let’s make a list:

1) I don’t even bother to take the meeting.  It’s not that rare that a day goes by I don’t pray at all.

2) If I bother at all, I take the meeting on my own time. I squeeze it in somewhere that I don’t already have something better to do.  Maybe I rattle off a few words of thanks while I fall asleep.  But certainly nothing that interferes with my busy day.

3) I’ve prayed while sitting on the toilet.  Go ahead.  Deny that you’ve done it.  But the fact is with two kids and a busy job, that room is sometimes the only quiet spot I can find.  Well, that’s the justification at least.  But thinking this through, it really hit me.  I speak to the Creator of the universe while sitting on the toilet.  It suddenly seems wrong to me.

4) I treat it like I’m talking to my BFF.  “Hey God!  What’s up pal?  Thanks for my house and food and stuff.  I hope Fred’s colonoscpy goes well.  Can you hook that up?  Gotta run.”  [flush]

I started really thinking about who I am praying to.  I started thinking that I take meetings with my clients more seriously, WAY more seriously, than I do the opportunity to enter into conversation with God himself.  What would the CEO of that global company have done if my friend had rattled off a casual phone call from the bathroom stall?  What if my friend had walked in, plopped down in the chair, and said, “Hey buddy.  Swell job running the company.  Sweet office.”  He would never think of it.

Here’s a little icing on the cake.  My friend felt lucky that his request for a meeting was honored.  But prayer is the opposite.  We pray to a God that is asking for that meeting with us.  He is asking for a meeting with US.  How completely backward is that?  And how often is our answer, “Nah.  Sorry bro.  I’m busy.”  How often do we give God the brush off that my friend expected to get from that CEO?  How often do we blow off God?

Well I can’t speak for you all.  I’m sure you’re all super disciplined about praying.  You set aside time instead of squeezing it in among your other important tasks.  You sit up straight.  You run a comb through your hair.  You make sure it’s a quiet time so you can really listen.

But not me.  I pray on the toilet, remember?  So a couple of days ago, the morning I wrote this, I sat down to read the memo that God, my CEO, gave me.  The Bible.  I read a whole chapter in one sitting.  Okay, it was Titus.  So that’s kind of cheating.  But it was still a whole chapter.  I checked myself in the mirror, and woke up early enough that it was still quiet.  I sat up straight.  And the gravity of who I was speaking to hit me a little bit.  And my prayer was different.  I was thankful.  But I really meant it this time.  I didn’t just rattle off the standard list of stuff I’m thankful for.  I prayed for others more than I normally do.  Friends with marriages that are failing.  A new nephew that was born recently.  Some surgeries.  Some kidney stones that are shockingly painful for a friend.

It was different when I treated this like a meeting I was having with God.  Because that’s what it was.




We were built to be heroes.  It’s about time we started acting like heroes.


14 thoughts on “OMG! I met the CEO!

  1. Glad to see you writing again, bro. Great blog post. I’ve been learning so much over the last couple months. Been getting into the secret place and just communing with God. It’s been absolutely life changing. So many people try to incorporate God into their lives to have a better day. That is so twisted. It’s a relationship, and that requires constant fellowship. Great stuff, man.


    • Step One: Get back to my blog. Step Two, right behind that, is to get my tail back up to speed on yours. If there is anyone reading this comment that does not read Chris Martin’s blog, you should! You’re my light in the darkness sir.


  2. bunnyb1802 says:

    Happy Easter Jim! Thrilled you’re back & yes, I’ve done the same so you aren’t alone. It’s good to be reminded that God is GOD & reverence is important.


  3. An excellent reminder of our need to be ‘intentional’ with our time with God and honor His Majesty and Lordship over our lives. It is so true that we often try and cram God into our busy schedules instead of making Him a priority and when we do we realize that life is so much better.
    Bless you


    • Thank you so much for your comment and encouragement, and your reblog! I read the paragraph of introduction you wrote and it was humbling. Thank you for your kind words.


  4. Reblogged this on Shalom Merea (may,ray,ah) and commented:
    An excellent reminder of our need to be ‘intentional’ with our time with God, offering the best of ourselves and honoring His Majesty and Lordship over our lives. I hope you enjoy and that if needed it prompts you to raise the quality of your time in prayer.


  5. Nanci Haigler Flynn says:

    I, too, am so glad to see you return to tapping me on the shoulder and thumping me on the head with important points I need to consider in my relationship with Our Father. This post really caught my attention, not only because it is an enjoyably readable and highly articulate composition but because your point is so well taken. I greatly cherish the fact that the Son of God is my very best friend for all eternity, but I had lost trrack of the fact that I’ve gotten so casual in maintaining that friendship that I toss Jesus Christ a quick comment here and there without even stopping to think that I’m talking to the Source of all reality, the Living Word that was spoken by Almighty God and *** BANG *** the cosmos came into existence. Thanks for the reminder … it’s good to have you back on the job.


    • It is definitely good to be back on the job, that’s for sure. I’m glad this post connected with you, and I look forward to helping you set up your author’s page on FB soon. Please check out Nanci’s blog and her new book released on Amazon! It is a moving and challenging recital of a life that needed the hand of God in it, and got exactly what it needed. Amen.


      • Anonymous says:

        Thanks so much for the shout out, James. The book wouldn’t exist without your help, and I thank God from the depths of my heart for you in this world and in my life.


  6. Long time no see! Hope all is well with you. Like your post today. I think you are far from being alone with squeezing in the meetings with God. Many of us sail that same boat. I am retired and still find those days when I am squeezing in time or missing it altogether! Happy Easter!


  7. Jim. Missed you my man. So it is great not just to see you back here again, but with such a powerful piece. Beautiful story and great linkage – altho now we are sons in the family business … does that cut us any slack with the dress code stuff?


    • Paul! Yeah it was tough being away, but it was a good thing. Disconnecting can be good. But Lent was a long time to disconnect! Dress code? I’m going semi-formal for a while at least. I find it changes my perspective a bit. Right for me. Right for everyone else? Who knows. I’m no expert dude! But you know that… you read my blog!

      Later brother. Good to reconnect with you. Happy Easter. He is risen!


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