Subcontracting Christianity


We’ve been to church.  We get it.  We’re supposed to help people.  And I do.  I really do.  I send like thirty bucks a month to World Vision.  I give to church.  And I pay taxes.  Don’t even get me started on taxes.  And all these organizations help people.  Well I suppose that last one is arguable, but that’s a topic for another blog.

Helping people, like… face to face… isn’t really my thing, you know?  It’s like building a house.  I need a house.  But you don’t want to live in a house I built.  I have no idea what I’m doing.  So I subcontract it out, right?  Get the true experts in there to get it done right.  I write the checks.  They build the house.  Just like helping people.  Write some checks.  Done and done.

Except it’s not.

See helping people is different than building a house.  We aren’t all wired to build houses.  But we are wired to help people.  Every single one of us is wired to help others.  Some of us are wired to help thousands.  Some of us are wired to help a few.  And I’m convinced that some of us are here just to help that one person that God puts into our lives.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t give to charity.  This isn’t an “either/or”, it’s a “both and”.  Yes, World Vision is way way better than I am at helping people in developing countries.  My pastors are way better a teaching the gospel than I am.  Trust me on that one.  So I give to those organizations.  And to be honest I really should give more.  Way more.

But what about the people at work?  The neighbor?  The guy on the side of the highway with a flat.  The woman you know that could get a much better job if she knew MS Excel, and you just happen to be a rock star at MS Excel.  Or even the people you pass on the street.  We underestimate the power of a simple “hello”.

And let’s talk about the government thing.  We fight a lot about which laws to pass.  What should and should not be outlawed?  Who should and should not receive our assistance?  But to what extent are we simply asking the government to do what we should be doing ourselves?  Wouldn’t it be funny if every Christian extended a hand to someone in need and the government threw a big welfare bonanza and no one showed up?  How cool would that be?

Sometimes we spread the gospel by talking about it.  Sometimes we spread the gospel by acting it out.

Just a thought.

We were built to be heroes.  Not to hire heroes to hero for us.

Photo credit: USACE HQ / Foter / CC BY

7 thoughts on “Subcontracting Christianity

  1. Todd Goulet says:

    Alas, a check is more easily written than to paint a widows house, or to feed the homeless, etc. Thanks for the good read.


  2. Nanci Haigler Flynn says:

    And sometimes we’re called to write down our words and share them online where people see them and are changed by them and encouraged to write down their own words so that other people can see them and be changed by them. The salvation of the human race is a process, and we each have our own responsibility in achieving the success of that process. That is the whole point of the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit of the Living God.


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