A short break.

I’m off for a bit.  I took a break from Facebook starting yesterday. You know what I did tonight instead?  I watched my six year old daughter dance and twirl to All My Fountains by Chris Tomlin.  Made me cry.   Not gonna lie about that. Made me wonder what I’ve been missing with my nose in Facebook every night.

So this post is just letting you all know I’m good, no worries, and I’ll be back soon. Love you all.


8 thoughts on “A short break.

  1. You have made a wise choice indeed! Facebook and blogs won’t go away, but children grow so fast, in the blink of an eye it seems! Then they are off to live their own lives. Enjoy every minute you can!


  2. A wonderful choice! She will have her nose in Facebook before you can blink three times! I would cry different tears then, if I missed the twirling now. Enjoy … JimDad 🙂


  3. Nanci Haigler Flynn says:

    That’s the kind of commentary that makes a Grammy glad and a mother proud. Congratulations on your excellent grasp of godly priorities.


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