This is all about me….


Man alive, I’ve been reading my own blog and I’m depressed!  This blog was originally started on the premise that people are far more amazing than they realize.  So I was getting about the business of reminding them of that.  But recently I’ve just been railing on and on about the mistakes that Christians make.  What happened to that tag line?  “Reminding a beaten down world that it was created to be awesome.”

Where did all that positive energy go?  I can answer that: Right to my head.  Right to my head.  You see, when I rail on about Christian failings I get comments telling me that I’m courageous, that I keep it real, etc.  I love to toss in my own confessions to really add that punch that makes for extra shares on Facebook.  Stuff like that really energizes me.

At least for a while.  Sooner or later (thankfully) I wake up.  And I just did.

Sooner or later I stop obsessing about my own blog long enough to read your blogs.  And wow.  Wow.  You are amazing people.  I buzz through your comments.  Wow.  I cannot help but to be reminded how amazing you people are.

So thank you.  Thanks for reading.  Thanks even more for your comments.  I want to let you know how much you inspire me, and by doing so encourage you to tell your stories to anyone who will listen so you can inspire them.  The road to salvation is paved with a million stories, and each story teller probably thought their story wasn’t worth telling.  But thankfully they did.  Thankfully you do.  And you inspire me every time.

So Mr. Nice Guy is back… for now.  But don’t make me stop this car and come back there!

Love you all.  Every last one.  You people change my world.  Thanks for being awesome.

We were built to be heroes.  It’s about time we started acting like heroes.

Photo credit: NuageDeNuit | Chiara Vitellozzi / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

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