Saturday Night Worship Song

Every Saturday night I’ll be featuring a favorite worship song.  This week is the song that started it all for me.  I heard this song when I first started listening to K-Love in 2006.  It was a rough time.  I was in my third year of law school and money was tight.  I was working for my step father, who at one time was a licensed attorney.  He has since suffered a rather dramatic fall in almost every way imaginable and we have not spoken in several years.  The small firm he started had run out of funds and was not making payroll.  This was not helping an already difficult financial situation being a student with a young daughter.  I can’t imagine what I would have done without the help of my mother in caring for her.

This song became my mantra.  I remember my grandfather telling me, “Don’t ever write anything you wouldn’t be proud to sign your name to.”  And this songs touches on that concept of being taking pride in your conduct by singing Christ’s name to the end of each day.  I love that thought.  I loved the song so much, I actually wrote a letter (yeah… on paper) to K-Love jokingly asking that they play the song 24-7 for a whole month.  They declined very politely, but they sent me the CD!  I still have it.  So I credit this song as the one that first dug its hooks into me and got me to thinking what my true purpose was on this planet and seeking God’s guidance for me.  I owe this song a lot.  Enjoy!

Leave the name of your favorite worship songs in the comments and I’ll post them some Saturday night.  Enjoy!

We were built to be heroes.  It’s about time we started acting like heroes.


14 thoughts on “Saturday Night Worship Song

    • Yeah it’s amazing how often that happens isn’t it?? Thanks for the comment! Throw a link in for the station if you get a second. I’m sure people would like to check it out.


  1. I really like your idea! Wonderful testimony of how music brought you strength to get through a difficult time. We do need to lift our voice in song…the Lord will inhabit the praises of his people! Psalms 118:14 God Bless ~Zoey


    • I’m not sure where music became so important to me but I think it had a lot to do with my brother. His life is very affected by music. He doesn’t just “like” a song here and there. He’s really passionate about it, and I was around that growing up. If you’ve got a favorite, throw it in the comments and I’ll post it one of these Saturday nights. Thanks for stopping by Zoey!


  2. bunnyb1802 says:

    The Servant King by Graham Kendrick. The line’ hands that flung stars into space, to cruel nails surrendered” pierced me every time. It’s an oldie but still touching.
    I also love Oceans by Hillsong. (whoops, that’s two. Being greedy!)


    • Dude! (that’s a gender neutral phrase on this blog…) Oceans is CRAZY AWESOME. I’m putting it up as a post, sister. Thanks! I love the Graham Kendrick song as well. Lyrics are very moving.


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