Your witness is as boring as a chunk of wood.

Yes, you are correct.  Your witness really isn’t worth telling.  I mean, really, who would want to hear it anyway?  It’s so boring.  It’s so flawed.  To be completely blunt, your witness is about as boring as a chunk of wood.  And look at just how boring a chunk of wood can be:

wood1 wood2


It turns out something that one person thinks is just a boring chunk of wood is seen by another as something truly amazing and awe inspiring.

You think you’re witness in Christ is no big deal.  You think it’s just average.  And you know what, you just might be right about that.  In your eyes.  But that’s the thing with your witness.  It’s not intended for you.  It’s intended for those who God puts in your path.  And your witness has been perfectly crafted, perfectly carved, perfectly formed by your creator.  Not for your benefit, but for the benefit of those he places in your path whom he intends to have hear it.

Please stop leaving your witness sitting on a shelf as though it belonged to you.  It was not given to you so that you could hold it for yourself.  It was given to you so that you could take it to others.  Regardless of how boring, or even flawed, you think it might be.

Who can you tell your witness to this week?

We were built to be heroes.  And it’s about time we started acting like heroes.


7 thoughts on “Your witness is as boring as a chunk of wood.

  1. Gotta tell you about a hunk of wood flying towards me! In a conversation last night.

    Me: I feel like I being guided to help (being guided towards offering what I am – but afraid of being swallowed up in the helping).
    Him: Well I need this and that and …… (lots(!!) of stuff). But it isn’t about what I need is it.

    >> “It isn’t about what I need”
    That was “a chunk of wood” offered as a simple/natural reply to a question in a conversation. BUT it came to me as the most beautifully carved intricate gift from the lord. I am still buzzing this morning!
    Wood – you brought me wood? Oh yes!!


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