The inevitable apology post…


I had vowed I’d never write this post.  I’ve vowed alot of stuff.  If I kept every weight loss vow I’ve made I would come in at a spry eleven pounds right now.  But here it is…  the “Sorry for not posting” post.  Add me to list of every other blogger who came out of the gate sprinting and then at some point remembered that he still had a job.

So what’s going on in me?  Well for a long time, I was getting manna from heaven in 52 foot semi trailers.  The ideas were coming.  The thoughts were flowing.  And then they dried up.  Right around the time I determined that I’ve got a pretty good job, with pretty decent pay, and pretty good people to work with and I’d better get my head back in the game and earn every dime of that pay.  So the eternal battle of income versus faith rages on in my head.

And to make it worse, I’m listening to a podcast sermon yesterday and hear, “When you’re on the edge of breaking free to God the devil will deliver a promotion and drag you back into the rat race.”  That Tony Evans has a way with words.  I didn’t exactly get a promotion, but things changed at work and they really sweetened the deal around here for everyone.  So now I’ve got that running through my head.

It’s amazing how often a blessing looks almost exactly the same as a temptation.

I should have warned: This post does not contain the answers.  Sorry about that.  I could have saved you a few paragraphs of reading.  But that’s what is going on in my head right now.  I have on one hand the ability to to great work, for great people, and work that I really love to do, and get paid pretty decent to do it.  Enough that my wife doesn’t have to work and we can still grab a pizza now and again.  On the other hand, I have this blog which takes time, and Sunday School with takes time.  And wow do I love those.  Those kids on Sunday morning.  Talk about filling your tank with inspiration.  They are amazing.

Battle battle.  It’s going on in my head.  I look at guys like Chris Martin and feel like I’m a toddler in my faith compared to this guy.  I’m trying to work this out in my head.  As is often the case, I am spending alot of time doing that on my own without including prayer in the equation.  For some reason that only comes after a long time for me.  I think I basically work out the details within myself and then stop by and visit God to get the stamp of approval from him.  Not saying that’s the right way.  But it’s my way and I haven’t fixed it yet.  But I need to.

For now, I’m trying to work on balance.   I could easily write this blog in the time I waste on Facebook, so there’s a thought.  But I could also actually BE PRESENT with my kids at that same time instead of flicking through humorous George Takei memes and “Click if you love Jesus” posts.

But here’s this post and it only took a few minutes.  And as is often the case, I’ve popped off a few quick ideas for new posts that came to me while writing this one.  So it would appear I remain a work in progress.  Gasp!  Thanks for reading everyone.  And if you happen to have all the answers, please throw a few in the comments.

You guys rock!

We were all built to be heroes.  With Jobs.  This is complicated.

Photo credit: Bolla Eszter / / CC BY-NC


13 thoughts on “The inevitable apology post…

  1. I think, if you were more like Chris Martin, we’d have two of him and none of you… so, I think we’re all good with you being Jim. 🙂

    I think you’re doing pretty good. Maybe a little more manna fell today? LOL
    Keep writing!


  2. Oh, how I identify with this post! We wear so many different hats… it sure is hard to find balance! I have tried to set clear times during the day to read blogs and to write. I am waiting on Him more, listening to what He is putting on my heart instead of saying “I have to get something written today!” I write out of obedience to Him, no matter who is reading. We are running the race- but if one shoe is heavier than the other, it can hold us back. I am praying for balanced shoes in my life, with Christ being the center! Thanks for your honest writing. Be Blessed.


    • Nanci Haigler Flynn says:

      “We are running the race- but if one shoe is heavier than the other, it can hold us back.”

      That’s an amazing image, Julie, one that brings home the importance of balance in our obedience. Thanks so much for sharing it.


  3. Jim. A little god connection I think. I read this, thought, had no words to help or add. And went to today’s verses here along with a comment or two. And the god connection : get back to Jim’s post and copy/paste the comment for him ….

    “Jesus does not wait outside my door until I have everything tidy and ready; he wants to be with me as I am. Those who have everything tidied and ready have left no room for him!”


      • You are a kind soul. Thank you. Please keep doing the same for me. And a thought in the race images. Our daughter is training for a marathon. It is gruelling and demanding. The Biggest Challenge is remaining injury free. Now there is a yeasty thought going around my brain. See Jim – there you go getting god talking to me again!! 🙂


  4. Nanci Haigler Flynn says:

    If God didn’t want you to learn to find a balance between your professional accomplishments, your writing and your family, he wouldn’t have kept them all in your life at the same time. Just a passing thought in the night …


    • That’s a pretty good passing thought… Of course my answer is always the same: “THIS IS DIFFICULT BECAUSE SOMETHING IS DEFFICIENT WITH ME!!!” That’s basically my answer to everything, lol. Thanks for your thought! (note… your link is working now…)


  5. I doubt anyone has all the answers and yes we all or most of us anyway, get caught up in the struggle between blogging and other responsibilities–even retired people like me. There is no rule, unless it is a self imposed one, that says we must, must, must write a blog post every single day. sometimes the well runs dry or we don’t have time because of other things in our lives that take higher priority rightfully so. No need to apologize for that Jim. It will all work out for each of us, in the way that is best for us.


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