I don’t accept any of the Bible on faith.

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This is a really (really) long post.  And if my personal history holds true, about 90% of you will be so ticked off with me about a third of the way through this post that you won’t get to the end of it.  But I’m asking you to keep an open mind.

If you are doing your job right as a Christian, you will eventually meet someone who demands that the Bible actually be true.  The worst mistake you can make at that point is to explain that believing the Bible requires faith.  That’s simply not true.  Believing in God requires faith.  But the Bible is a historical document and if it cannot stand the test of truth, then what exactly are we doing here?

Was there really a guy named Noah and did he really build an ark?  Did Paul really write those letters from prison?  Did the sea really part?  Did people really speak in tongues?  Did anyone ever actually get healed through prayer?  Did Christ really live?  Did He really die?  Did He really rise from the dead?  Creation happened in seven days?  Seriously?  Did three guys stand in a furnace and not get burned?

Yes… the Bible is a list of stories of things that actually happened.  I can’t wait for the “so what about this” comments I will get on this post.

I’ll give you a little warning here.  Believing the Bible is actually true will get you into a little bit of trouble.  Especially with other Christians.  And my favorite is creation.  Personally, I’m going with the Bible version until I see compelling evidence otherwise.  I raised this point at a Christian men’s group and thought I was in safe territory.  Wow did I create a fuss.  We even ended up creating an online discussion group about it and tempers flared.  We picked a book to answer the question, “Does the Bible really say that creation happened in seven days?”

Yes, I am one of those cooky creationists.  To be honest, it’s not because of some driving desire to believe everything the Bible says despite all the science.  That’s part of it.  But the “science” behind the big bang and evolution requires just as much, if not more, faith to believe than the Biblical account.  It’s just that we’ve heard it so many times and from such a young age that we assume it’s all proven fact.  But it’s not.  And we don’t really teach creation in church anymore because it makes you look crazy, so we’ve been raised with no other answer than evolution.  But evolution is a religion just like creation.  You need a lot of faith to believe in it.  I’ll provide just a few simple examples:

  • Everything used to be one big mass that was the size of a period on a page spinning super fast and creating a lot of gravity because it had so much mass.  Hence it was the size of a period on a page.  Try squeezing a marshmallow into something the size of a period on a page.  Then remember that this theory, which appears in textbooks all across the nation, says that not only everything on our planet (including the planet itself) but every planet in every solar system was crushed down into something the size of a period on a page.  How is that possible?  Well… there was a lot of gravity, you see.  Listen, I’m not arguing that this is impossible.  But I am arguing that believing that requires just as much faith as believing that God created everything in seven days.
  • That period sized mass of everything spun so fast that it exploded and all the stuff that makes up the cosmos flew out of it.  I’m over simplifying here, but this explains why we see the cosmos basically expanding right now, with everything flying away from everything else.  It also explains why planets spin.  Kinda.  The problem is that when one object is spinning, anything that flies off of it also spins.  In the same direction.  Planets don’t all spin in the same direction.  So we came up with this idea of a big bang because we know that the laws of physics are infallible and never change.  The entire big bang theory is predicated on the infallible laws of physics.  But we ignore one of the basic laws of physics in our analysis because it doesn’t fit in with the conclusion we already reached.  And this is the crux of evolution: It starts with a conclusion and then packs in data around it that supports that conclusion.  It ignores data that dispels the conclusion.  And it ridicules any “knuckle dragging religious zealots” who dare to call it into question.  As opposed to engaging in conversation, we’re simply dismissed.  Trust me on that one… I get dismissed a lot.  This post is the religious version of coming out of the closet.  “Oh crap, what will my dad say when he finds out!?!?”
  • All of us started out as single cell organisms.  These organisms then became all sorts of different things like ducks and tigers and whales and people.  This is based upon the observation that we have seen some animals morph into other animals over long periods of time.  But that’s only partially true.  We’ve seen wolves morph into dogs and observed it scientifically, but we’ve never seen one species morph into another.  We’ve never seen a duck become a bear.  We simply assume it happened intra-species because we’ve seen it happen inter-species.  And when pressed to explain why that would be possible, the answer is the same pat answer which is evolutionist code for “I don’t know” and that is… “Well it happened over billions of years.”  Suddenly something that all of your other science shows has never observably happened becomes possible because we decided it happened over a really really long period of time.
  • A really really long time.  Whacky cooky creationists believe the earth and everything around us was created about 10,000 years ago.  Really?  What a bunch of loons!  We get this crazy idea from the genealogies set out in the Bible that run literally all the way back to Adam.  If those genealogies are accurate, then that puts a time cap on how long all this stuff took.  This flies in the face of the billions and billions of years that are required to make the impossible possible under the theory of evolution so it tends to be a major sticking point and REALLY gets under people’s skin.  Try it sometime and watch what happens.  You will first be challenged with carbon dating and you will point out that there are a lot of problems with carbon dating.  Like it once dated the front of a mammoth as 450,000 years older than the back of it.  Stuff like that.  Again, nothing to fully disprove carbon dating but enough to at least call it into question.  But trust me on this: If you want to throw down with evolutionists the argument will always center on when this all happened an how long it all took.  Because without the billions and billions of years built into the story of evolution, it doesn’t work.  Because we need  all those billions of years to make the impossible possible.  You cut into that, and evolution is in trouble.
  • You creationists goofballs used to think the earth was flat!  Yes.  We did.  So did you by the way.  But we don’t think that anymore and here’s a surprise: Disproving that the earth is flat didn’t do anything to disprove the story of Biblical creation.  And think about science this way: Isn’t the very nature of science the process of continually looking at things and determining that something we used to think was true is actually not true?  We used to diagnose cancer as a mental condition, for goodness sakes.  If we apply the standard of “you used to believe things that we now know are not true” then the entire science community would be out of gas.  Every time a scientist learns something new, we’re changing what we know and often disproving something we really thought we knew prior to that discovery.  So if we are going to apply this standard, let’s apply it fairly and equally.

Listen, if you engage me in a debate on this I can predict the outcome: You will win.  There are people out there that know a lot more about this than I do.  More about the Bible, and more about evolution.  The only purpose of this post is to try to open eyes to the fact that evolution is just as much a religion as the creation story in the Bible.  They both present questions that are tough to answer.  At some point in either version the proponent of their version will have to say, “Ummm… I don’t know.”  So let’s be fair to each other and stop calling the other a sinner or a psycho because of what they believe.

My goal here is not to covert you over.  My pastors don’t even hold my view on this, and trust me, they know more about it than I do.  I’m just saying that the version of all this presented by science isn’t very compelling to me.  Heck, I could even be converted over I suppose if there were some more compelling evidence.  But right now, we can trace science back a long way and at some point it becomes pretty obvious we’re just making this stuff up on the basis of assumptions piled on top of other assumptions.  Somehow in this process that first assumption is silently converted to fact for no other reason than we really need it to be for all the subsequent assumptions to be true.  The big bang theory is an example.  Ask the average American and they will tell you that it’s fact.  Drill down on this with a scientist and they’ll tell you it’s a theory which is based on a lot of other theories needing to be true but which have not been proven either.  I’m not saying this is a bad process.  But I am saying that believing it requires no less faith than my belief in the Biblical creation story.

And remember that when science cries out, “That’s not possible” when we need to start asking ourselves how much we believe the rest of the Bible.  You can’t come out of a furnace without even a hair on your body being singed.  You can’t heal the sick with a single touch, or without even seeing them at all.  You can’t call dead people out of tombs.  You can’t be crucified and rise three days later.  You can’t part oceans and rivers.  You probably can’t march around a city for a week and play trumpets and knock it’s walls down.  This is why I say that believing the Bible doesn’t require faith.  It’s one of the most detailed historical collection of documents we have.  But believing that God intervened in all these situations to make them possible does require faith, and no more faith than believing the account of creation.

So here’s the deal.  Whenever I bring this up two things happen.  First, I kick off an angry debate.  If you want to debate then let’s do so, but let’s keep it civil.  No creationists insulting evolutionists and no evolutionists insulting creationists.  The fact is we have a lot to learn from each other.  We both have our “I don’t know” areas of our beliefs.  Nothing either of us believe is worth believing if it cannot be tested and challenged.  It always makes me crazy when evolutionists gasp in horror that some sinner would dare to challenge the Biblical creation story.  Listen pal, if it can’t stand up to criticism how much do you really believe it?  I say challenge away.  But the same goes for evolution.  We should be allowed to challenge it.  Evolution is a little like global warming.  All of science has agreed that it’s true, and anyone who presents an alternative view is rejected and dismissed as a nut.  I believe that global warming is happening.  I just wish the scientific community wasn’t so scared of having their theories on global warming tested.  I feel the same way about evolutionists and creationists.

Again, my point here is not to convince you that evolution is a sham.  Personally I see massive holes in the theory and given the choice between two different beliefs that both require faith, I’m going with the Biblical version.  So let’s talk about it, as brothers and sisters of the same human race and not as enemies seeking to destroy each other.

And there is one final point I’d like to make about evolution that bothers me.  It states very clearly that we are nothing.  Human beings are nothing.  No different than anything else on this planet.  We all popped out of this primordial sludge and we happened to become humans and other stuff became other stuff.  We’re not created.  We’re evolved.  I have a hard time believing that.  On a very practical note, why have we evolved so much more than any other species?  Look at how excited we get when a parrot talks, or even more excited when we discover through science that dolphins actually communicate with each other under water.  And those things are amazing.  But they pale in comparison to human beings and what we are capable of.  Think of something simple.  Wherever you are reading this, you are surrounded by the simplest objects that are far beyond the ability of any other species to produce.  A sheet of drywall.  A chair.  A light switch.  No other animal can produce these things at all, much less with skill.  No other animal congregates and has discussions like we’re having right here.

In short, evolution says you’re not amazing.  But you are.  Evolution says you were not created.  But you were.  Creationists are criticized in this view because they say we claim to rule over the earth and we can do whatever we want with it.  Well yes, that’s true.  In exactly the same manner in which a parent rules over their baby and can do whatever they want with it.  But we expect that parent to care for that child.  To keep it clean.  To love it and cherish it.  Trust me when I say this: The realization that creation is true and we are in charge of it is NOT the free pass to abuse it.  It is an overwhelming sense of awe and responsibility.  Any Christian who believes the Biblical account of creation should be the most staunch environmentalist on earth.

Yes.  We are special.  We are created for a purpose.  And we are all created to be amazing, and to do amazing things.  There is a difference between us and the other species and our job is to care for all of it.

We are built to be heroes.  Created to be heroes.  It’s about time we started acting like heroes.


13 thoughts on “I don’t accept any of the Bible on faith.

  1. I LOVE this post!

    I used to argue against the Big Bang Theory. After all, in all of my years, I have never witnessed an explosion create anything…. then I read this: “I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist” by: Normal L. Geisler and Frank Turek.


    They even have a Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/IDontHaveEnoughFaithToBeAnAtheist

    I had to read this book during one of my religion classes, and am so grateful God got this book in my hand.

    What I learned is this:
    Science has the ability to look backwards mathematically to a point when all time, space and matter came to a point of beginning. Prior to this point, time, space and matter did not exist. What makes this exciting, is: When God spoke, his words created such power that the universe, what we can observe and that which we can’t, all exploded into being.

    Another awesome point is, within the observable radiation ripples (and because i don’t have the book in front of me, I am paraphrasing to the best of my memory) created by the “Big Bang” (they have actually been viewed) the earth was formed in a hostile environment. But, the earth is the only planet that was specifically tweaked… so finely tuned… in order for life to, not only exist, but to flourish.

    Within that tweaking, the earth has Constants that enable life as we know it to continue. Gravity is one. The distance of the earth from the moon/sun. The perfect level of oxygen, just to name a few. There are all remain constant and if they varied just an nth of a degree from where they are right now, all life would be gone. We would either freeze to death, or burn to death.

    I kept reading “I Don’t Have Enough Faith…”, saying: “Why didn’t I learn this stuff in school”? (Meaning grade and high school) I was fascinated by it! Once I find it again (I’ve recently moved) I will begin my 5th reading. I HIGHLY recommend it! The book also goes into the historical evidence of the bible and how we can make informed, rational decisions, based on the observable evidence, the bible, and what it claims is true, and make that decision beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Here is a website that might give you a better perspective of what all HAD to happen and remain constant, in order for life to appear on earth. http://www.godandscience.org/apologetics/designun.html


    • Interesting question: If science can track time, space and matter to a point of beginning, and understand that prior to that point, time, space and matter did not exist… where did time, space and matter come from? You cannot claim gases in the atmosphere heated up and exploded because by doing so, you infer time, space and matter in that answer.
      Just a thought.


      • I agree. And it goes to my point that we can trace back both the Bible and science to a certain point at which both arguments simply don’t know what happened and have to simply have faith in what they believe is the right answer. However, I would argue that the point at which faith comes into play for science is much more recently than we’ve been led to believe.


    • Nanci Haigler Flynn says:

      Thanks so much for your comment, ‘whispers’ … much food for thought there. I especially appreciate your reading recommendation and the link you shared. I feel like I’ve been given a gift, and I’m looking forward to opening it to learn from what is inside.

      Many blessings, my dear!


  2. mammapropria says:

    I absolutely believe in the big bang theory of creation … God said ‘Let there be’ and BANG, there was. Of course, that’s an over simplification but evolution across species is an over complication, and it is generally true that the simpler explanation of a complex matter tends to be more accurate than the more complicated explanation. And, like you, I’ve never in 68 years seen compelling evidence to disprove the biblical account of how we all got here to begin with.


  3. “Any Christian who believes the Biblical account of creation should be the most staunch environmentalist on earth.” Lovely wise words. Do I qualify as a ten percenter? 🙂

    A lovely post – and I may be missing something but I read this as a lot less controversial than you imply. A well presented piece that leaves me content to look on Genesis/creation as a parable, and to look beyond science/big bang in the same (human) way. Two possibilities – and looking forward to learning one day of the truth as yet unconsidered by anyone other than the lord.

    But – the main point I took from this is that for someone of faith (and maybe true of most) time beyond a certain point is just a big fuzz. And within faith both God and time are also a big unknown. So evolution and fuzz both fit. God and fuzz both fit. Which leaves me content being God’s creation whichever version is favoured – if there is faith. And that makes me no less special than the bible says. It also goes a long way towards alleviating the need to fight over anything much.

    So I see this as a really inclusive piece of writing. Very helpful, very thought provoking, ponder fodder a its best – and in no way divisive. And will watch with interest to see if I am also a “ten percenter” in that view.


    • Paul, first I appreciate your comment and insight. But I also want to point something out. You have a way of saying things is just slightly different, but entirely amazing. Your statement, “And that makes me no less special than the bible says.” is a different way to look at something talk about all the time. I minor tweak on my syntax, but an important one. I’m very thankful to have your words to read on a regular basis (more regular these days than ever!).


      • As always – thank you Jim. Glad I can’t see what you see – but I know what you mean. Keeps happening to me as well. Man, this living stuff is fun!


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