Wow. I’m NOT abandoned to Christ. Not even close.

Remember a while back I put up a post about starting with small things to abandon yourself to Christ?  Well that has been a learning experience for me because I have found it very difficult to give up even the simplest things, even when doing so just to test my willingness to give something up or take on something new.  I am WAY off the mark on the little things, so no wonder I feel like I’m missing the boat on the big things.

But I’m not down on myself about it.  I’m seeing it more as good news.  Things are pretty good now, and I’m a total screw up.  Think about how AWESOME they will be as I continue to grow in faith and become more willing to abandon my life for the one who created me.

This could get seriously cool.

We were built to be heroes.  It’s about time we started acting like heroes.


5 thoughts on “Wow. I’m NOT abandoned to Christ. Not even close.

  1. Take on instead of take off. Soon the bits you couldn’t take off – they take off by themselves. “We were built to be selfish. It’s about time we made selfish work for us”. 🙂


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