Our hero is here.

This is not traditionally considered a Christmas song or hymn.  But it really is.  Because none of this happened by chance.  All of this happened for a reason, as part of a larger plan than we could ever imagine.  A wise friend told me that the entire Bible is about Jesus.  Cover to cover.  So I suppose that makes this a Christmas song.

Our hero is here.  Merry Christmas everyone.  Praise be to God, in all that we say, in all that we do.


2 thoughts on “Our hero is here.

  1. mammapropria says:

    You’re right, that is very much a Christmas song. All the stories are the Christmas story, because it’s all about giving, beginning to ending, front to back, all the way from one end to the other. Just giving. The whole story is a gift, and giving is the gift.


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