The mysterious power of small failures.


“Don’t take a tiny percentage of your journey as a reflection of the whole thing.” J.S. Park

From: The Atheist Pastor: A blog for struggling Christians.

People are funny.  It takes a series of huge successes to convince us that we are capable of something significant.  But only the smallest failures to prove that we’re not capable of anything at all.

I spend most of my life thinking about the number of times I’ve missed my target.  If you know anything about darts, that image above isn’t a bulls eye.  But it’s a high scoring shot, and that’s pretty good.  Often I get so obsesses with missing the target, I forget about all the other high scoring shots I’ve had in my life.  Today I plan to take a rare day and think back on some of my successes.

I tend to view my life as an endless list of things that need to be changed, overhauled, and redone.  But there are some good things going on.  Every once in a while, it’s good to look back on that and smile.  I am convinced that I am only operating at a small fraction of my capabilities.  But now and then it’s nice to realize those ways in which I’m actually doing pretty well.  Living every day of your life looking for the next thing to change can be exhausting.  Or at least depressing!

What are you doing RIGHT these days?  I’ll start us off.  I’m not perfect, but my prayer life has dramatically changed for the better in recent weeks, I’ve had some good success leading other men to Christ, and I’m finally tithing.  Neither of these is a bulls eye, but each counts as a pretty good shot.  How about you?  Toss aside the humility and let yourself shine for a second.  Looking forward to your comments!

We were built to be heroes.  It’s about time we started acting like heroes.

Photo credit: comedy_nose / / CC BY

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