Phil Robertson’s opinion doesn’t matter. Neither does mine. Get to work.


Let’s talk about Phil Robertson.  (How’s that for a little SEO?)  His opinion about homosexuality doesn’t matter.  Neither does yours, by the way.  Or mine.  Here’s why: It’s not our job to care about whether being gay is a sin.  Let’s read that again.  It’s not our job to care about whether being gay is a sin.

This is where Christians often say, “Yes… you are wise.  We should love the sinner and hate the sin.”

No.  Wrong.  Let’s try this again.  It’s not our job to care whether being gay is a sin.  This includes the process of “lovingly” deciding you will love a sinner anyway.

Our job is to make disciples.  “But how can I bring someone to Christ if they don’t acknowledge their sin?”  Who made you gatekeeper, pal?  Who put you in the judges robes to determine who should and should not be brought to Christ?

I am not interested in engaging you on your Biblical analysis of whether homosexuality is a sin.  I know my personal sin and there is no debating it… it’s a sin.  So I’m not interested in debating what is and is not a sin.  It’s a huge waste of time and a distraction from our mission.  I am interested in walking with you into a world that is full of every sin you can possibly imagine and treating every single person we encounter as a human being desperately in need of entering into a relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.

End of story.  End of mission.

Every minute you spend debating about whether being gay is a sin is a minute that could have been spent telling your story to someone else in order to bring them closer the Christ.  And let’s not forget that your story is full of sin.  Someone, seeing your sin, talked to you about Christ, didn’t they?  In my case, the people who brought me to Christ did so SPECIFICALLY BECAUSE OF MY SIN.  They saved my life.

Who’s life are you saving by intellectualizing whether homosexuality is a sin?  How many people did you save by having a church committee meeting, or a synod conference, on this topic?

Enough already.  Your opinion of homosexuality doesn’t mean a hill of beans.  You are not a judge.  You are a servant of the Judge.  You bring people to His feet, not your own.  And this judge forgave the murderers who nailed him to a cross while he was still hanging on that cross.

We do not love homosexuals, or bisexuals, or Asians, or Africans, or short or tall, wide or thin.  We love people.  We tell them our story so that they can see the beauty of the words in the Bible and the amazing grace that pours from the God who created us.  We tell them our sin so they can see our God loves sinners.  He does not seek out the perfect, and neither should we.  When we bring people to the Bible, and to Christ, their sin is exposed before God.  Not before us.  It is exposed before God and they are given the chance to ask God to take it from them.  And the truly bizarre, unfair, unjust reality is that God does take it.  Even though we could never do anything to deserve that.

You are not a pre-screener for Christ.  You are a hero.  Right now.  Today.  You are a hero.  Heroes run into burning buildings, and dive into frozen waters, and they never… ever… ask first, “Is this person worthy of saving?”  They just save them.  That’s our job description.  It was kept simple for a reason.  Stop mucking it up.  We are surrounded by people who need a hero.  Let’s get to work reaching them, whoever they are.

We were built to be a heroes.  It’s about time we started acting like heroes.



21 thoughts on “Phil Robertson’s opinion doesn’t matter. Neither does mine. Get to work.

  1. Reblogged this on Just me being curious and commented:
    If God is Love – then these words are of God.

    There are times whe some words don’t matter. Ans times when they do. I have not the foggiest idea who “Phil Robertson” is, nor what he said. Those words don’t matter to me. Thw words that do matter are within. They are a piledriver of love. Jim Voigt brings God to one of the most divisive and ugly parts of the “christian shit” world pushing so many away from Christ – even those who cliam god as within them.

    If God is Love – then these words are of God.


  2. Mensching Linda says:

    Thank You Thank you. Everything you said has been in my brain and you have put my thoughts in writting. I am going to share this on my facebook. God bless


      • There are few words I have seen that demolish the gay stuff andf god as well as this. There are too few words that embrace God. McD’s piece caught my eye and heart. Your piece rammed a pile driver into the heart of the different “let’s warp the belief” camps. (and jim – I think we kinow each well enough now for you to call me Paul) 🙂


  3. This is boldly written. An excellent piece, full of truth and freedom. The Church has been an anti group for a long time instead of doing what we’ve been assigned to do; Sharing the gospel. The gospel doesn’t need our human sentiments…it’s not our human sentiments that brings transformation. It is the gospel of what Jesus has already done. The price is paid in full; God is not angry with nobody…why are we so angry. The anger gospel is not appealing. Thanks for pouring your heart out. I love it!


    • Thank you for your wisdom as always McDaniels, and thank you for posting a link to your blog. Everyone needs to read what you write. I have no idea how you put out so much wisdom so frequently. You sometimes have multiple posts in a day. You are amazing, and having the ability to interact with you online is a blessing to me. I hope to meet someday.


  4. Bill says:

    Shoes Summerfield, a wonderful comment. It brought to mind Matthew 18 – “…“Amen, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children,* you will not enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoever receives one child such as this in my name receives me.” Children are our teachers.


    • Bill you so often go back to children as an example. And I’m glad you do. I almost wish you would write a blog about the things we can learn from children. I can only imagine what your wife would write on that blog. It requires people like you who keep repeating it because it is so easy to forget. We are wired to be like children, but somewhere along the way we are reprogrammed. And you are a voice in the crowd asking us to go back and look at the beauty of our original design. Thank you.


  5. Shoes Summerfield says:

    Yet another wonderful post! Thank you for speaking the obvious, and making it simple enough to understand. We only need to Love. Love is accepting, just ask my three year old. She Loves. She loves her mom and dad. She loves her cat (even though her dad would like to tie it up very high on the flagpole at times). She loves the dog, she loves the neighbors. She is full of such innocent and simple LOVE. She is too young to know any better. Too young to be jaded. Too new to this world to make things so complex like we adults do. Shouldn’t it be our Love/Acceptance/Understanding/Patience/Kindness that moves the world to *WANT* to be a part of us?


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