I had this backwards all these years.


I’ve been trying for decades to get the big things in my life all fixed up an in perfect alignment with God. And I’m blowing it… big time.

It has occurred to me that I will never get the big things right while I’m ignoring all the little things. My perspective on getting the big things right puts me right in the center of my own success. “Look at these big things I have figured out! I am now suitable for a relationship with God and I will look fabulous to the world when that happens.”

Nothing that comes through God glorifies man. It always glorifies God. David was not a hero. When he beat Goliath, the enemy bowed down and worshipped God, not David. What do we know about David? He did all the little things right. The small daily disciplines like prayer and worship. As a result, his relationship with God grew. And THEN he was able to do something amazing.

Yes, I am built to be amazing. That’s the whole point of this blog. But “amazing” doesn’t come FROM me, it comes THROUGH me. And I need to let God in for that to happen. And I cannot let God in by doing three or four big “Christian” things a year. I need to do small things everyday to build my relationship with God. Closer and closer and closer until someday I just might be called to take down a giant. But I can’t sit around working my own agenda and expect that I’ll get that call. I need to be saddled up right next to God every day so my relationship can build and I can be subject to His will, ready to act, and PREPARED to act, when called upon for something big.

We were built to be heroes. It’s about time we started acting like heroes.

Photo credit: lukemontague / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

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