Prayer is more than you think (featured comment).

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Today I’m posting an amazing comment from one of my readers. You really need to read his blog here.  It’s written by Raul Lopez and his blog is awesome.  He posted this comment in my post Pointless Prayer, and it’s so inspiring.  I wanted to share it with all of you who may have missed the post.


Prayer is a lot more than what most think. Prayer is not only ‘asking’ God for things but is a lifestyle based on obedience. It is simply a form of communication (akin to worship as well) whereby we respond to God’s word. Every time you say to yourself, I won’t do (or will do) this or that because God says I shouldn’t (should) do this, you’ve prayed. You are responding to what God said to you. Prayer is not limited to only supplication. Prayer is constant communion with God by one that is being filled with God’s word. It is a natural response of the new man. God speaks to us through his word (prophecy) and we respond to God through our obedience and agreement to same (prayer). It’s really not a ‘bow your head and close your eyes’ kind of thing even though that ALSO is prayer (you are communicating to God in that fashion). Praying without ceasing (praying without stopping) is living a life in response to God’s word.

Raul Lopez – Bible Questions and Answers

We were built to be heroes.  And Raul Lopez is a hero.

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8 thoughts on “Prayer is more than you think (featured comment).

  1. I am cautious about these thoughts, but am guided to gently tap them out. Only because I never say “I talked to my wife today”, I talked to my wife five minutes ago”. I never think that. I never think “I obeyed my wife today”, I never think like that. I just am. She just is. We just are. In the same way I don’t “pray” to my god, I don’t obey my god. I just am. He just is. We just are. I think I am suggesting we think about removing this label. It gets in the way. It invites “amens”. It invites “how to do it properly”. Obedience. Won’t. Will. New Man. Without Ceasing. Becomes Hard Work.

    He isn’t.


  2. cfranklin87 says:

    Thank you for sharing. I deeply needed to see this as we all need the constant reminder. You, my friend, are a gem among men and I’m thankful for your blog as much as I am now of your introduction to Raul’s also. Be blessed brother, have a fantastic day! — Carl


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