Attack the hell out of sin.


Pardon my language here, but you can’t wander out of sin. You can’t cut back a little more every day until it’s out of your life. You can’t stop sinning tomorrow. Or next week. It’s not a New Year’s resolution. There is one way to deal with sin: You attack the hell out of it. Niceties aside.  Proper language aside.  One strategy: an all-out assault on sin like a crazed military brigade taking an enemy hill.

Dave Ramsey likes to say that you can wander into debt, but you cannot wander out of it. He likens the process of getting out of debt to the gazelle running from the cheetah. The gazelle doesn’t think about running away. He doesn’t get a slow start and sort of work his way up to a jog, and then eventually run. No. The gazelle sees the danger, and he RUNS. No distractions. That gazelle isn’t checking its email. Its got one singular focus in its life: RUN!

That’s how Dave Ramsey deals with debt. And that’s how the Cannot Contain family deals with sin. That cheetah isn’t interested in a conversation. It’s interested in devouring you. Leaving no trace of what used to be your life. Sin doesn’t negotiate, and enough is never enough. It doesn’t nibble. It destroys. And it’s never satisfied until every last ounce of you is gone.

We have one advantage over that lone gazelle sprinting across the landscape. We have brothers. We have sisters. We have warriors walking along side us that attack with us. They rescue us when we fall. The save us when we don’t even see the attack coming. We have an army behind us.

I am your brother. If you have sin that needs to be attacked, I am here to attack it right along with you. Sin is full of shame and embarrassment, so we don’t like to talk about it in the comments. But you can email me any time.   I don’t judge because I cannot judge.  I come into this battle with unclean hands just like the rest of us.  But the bottom line is this: I come ready for war.

We were built to be heroes. And heroes attack together.

Photo credit: Rainbirder / / CC BY-NC-SA

6 thoughts on “Attack the hell out of sin.

  1. Yeah, baby. I like me some war! We need to take our boots and stomp the devil right in his stupid, ugly face and let him know we’re not going to let sin control our lives. Like you said, we have an army of brothers and sisters to help us with the stuff we don’t like to move out of the darkness into the light. I was that way for so long with my porn addiction. But, I “attacked the hell out of it”, and with God’s strength, and my wife’s forgiveness, I have overcome. Great post, my brother. Keep winning those battles. We know how this war is going to end.


  2. Now I know how David felt – an army in front and an army behind. Man oh man – expectations all around. Just me with one small sling and a few pebbles. Oh – and a headache with all the noise.


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