Re-blog: An amazing story you MUST read.

Almost overnight, everything changed… Everything I had been taught about God, the church, the world around me, and my identity. Everything I have practiced with zeal and zest, from my late teens into adulthood received a new shift. I share this experience with you, with honor and praise to the Holy Spirit…who always works to bring us closer to the loving embrace of the Father, no matter where one is in the chapter of His life.

Re-blogged from the AMAZING blog Gravity of Grace.


This is a truly amazing story that you absolutely must read. The Gravity of Grace blog is a wonderful place to soak up a passion for Christ. And now, having read this story, it makes all the more sense why there is so much passion to be found there. Please read the full post here and then go be amazing!

We were built to be heroes.  And this is an amazing story of the creation of a hero.


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