Quick Post: Diving in without a life jacket.

“But tithing is a solid way to affirm your faith in God and His infinite ability to provide and care for His children.”

Doug Waldron / Foter.com / CC BY-SA

Today’s quote is from a comment left on the original post and I love it!  Tithing is one of those things you can over think.  I know, because I over-thought it for decades.  One day I dove in head first and have been tithing ever since.  It will change your life.

We all have something we wish we were doing.  Tithing.  Reading scripture.  Praying.  What’s holding you back?  And is it really holding you as firmly as you think?  Challenge yourself today to shake off those restrictions and dive in, no life jacket.

We were built to be heroes.

It’s about time we started acting like heroes.

Photo credit: Doug Waldron / Foter.com / CC BY-SA


One thought on “Quick Post: Diving in without a life jacket.

  1. Your original posting got me thinking, this one reminded me. I was curious of the origin. This from Wikipedia:

    “A tithing or tything was an historic English legal, administrative or territorial unit, originally one tenth of a hundred, and later a subdivision of a manor or civil parish. The term implies a grouping of ten households (Scandinavian: ten = ti, assembly = thing). The tithing’s leader or spokesman was known as a tithingman.

    The term originated in the 10th century, when a tithing meant a group of ten adult males (over the age of 12), each of whom was responsible for the other members’ actions and behaviour in a system of frankpledge.”


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