I can skydive from space: The lies we killed in 2012.

This video is a testimony of the lies we killed in 2012.  Watch it again.  Listen to it.  Feel it again.  These are the lies we killed in 2012.

You can’t skydive from space.

You can’t run without legs.

You can’t cure HIV.

You can’t recover from disasters.

Women have no voice.

Little boys with cerebral palsy can’t walk.

You can’t land a spaceship on Mars.

You can’t win that many gold medals.

You can’t swim with only one arm.

An entire band can’t play one guitar at the same time.

Yoga can’t reteach you to walk.

You can’t skydive from space.

We killed those lies in 2012.  And here we are near the end of 2013 with weeks to go and we look back on two minutes and forty-six seconds that is screaming at us the same thing that our living God is screaming at us through his Son Jesus Christ:  These things that hold you back are lies.  These things that tell you that you do not matter are lies.  These things that tell you that you cannot change the world are lies.  These things that tell you that you have nothing to offer are lies.  The people in this video stopped believing their lies.  How long am I going to continue to believe mine?

I can run without legs.  I can swim with one arm.  I can walk with with cerebral palsy.  Please God Almighty help me run into this sleeping world and scream to them that the Bible says that all things are possible with God and that this  means ALL THINGS.  And when the world tells me that I simply can’t do it, that the world is lying because the world is absolutely terrified of what I might become because the world has grown to love average.

I have grown to hate average.  I have grown to see that average is an infection that we cannot afford to ignore.  I have come to want the cure for average.  I have found the physician that ended average two thousands years ago by hanging on a cross for me and saying, “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.”  Gone are my days of not knowing what I do to God.  Gone are my days of not seeking out God in everything I do.  In every moment of every day.

I can run without legs.

I can swim with one arm.

I can skydive from space.

I am done with my lies.


8 thoughts on “I can skydive from space: The lies we killed in 2012.

  1. Great post Jim! There is a young man who I follow on Facebook, Nick Vujicic, who is an evangelist, traveling all over the world spreading God’s word though an organization called Life without Limbs. Nick was born without arms or legs, but somebody forgot to tell him that because he does some amazing things, including swimming! Every time I whine about what I cannot do, I think of him and others with various “disabilities” who do far more than I have ever done because they refuse to let anything stop them. That is truly from God!


  2. Shoes Summerfield says:

    great video, great post. great inspiration. I loathe mediocrity. It’s a cancer that eats everything in it’s path. it eats your spirit. it eats your ‘get up’. it eats every reason you have to push, pull, and pursue. thank you for writing this, and for posting the video. the skydive is something i find amazing no matter how many times I see it. when he steps off, my stomach clenches, and when he falls to his knees and raises his hands in VICTORY my heart wants to shout out with him. Let’s all shout out together…we CAN do all things!!


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