What is your source? Tough questions from good friends.

Images by John ‘K’ / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

Have you ever had that friend that knows how to ask the brutally tough questions, but in a way that build you up instead of breaking you down? David is that friend for me. We had a chance to have a long talk a few weeks ago and I look up to David for the extent to which he has fully abandoned his life in the service of God. He’s a very intense, and very amazing guy. Someone we could all look up to.

We were talking about the various things I’m doing. Teaching Sunday School, writing this blog, the book, coming to a full stop at all stop signs. You know… living life the right way. To be completely honest, I was kind of rattling off this list to him in hopes of his approval. I love positive affirmation. Perhaps a character flaw, but one that I definitely have. He turned to me and in a very nice, but just barely confrontational way, he asked, “What’s your source?”

I didn’t even know what he meant at first. It took me a minute to put the pieces together. He was talking about whether I was doing this for me, or doing this for God. What was at the center of all of this. He knows me well enough to know that I like being the center of attention.  He also knows I don’t spend a lot of time in prayer or reading scripture.  So that creates the question: If I’m not in prayer or scripture, what is the source of all this stuff I’m doing?  It’s not God.  But it needs to be.

So since that night I’ve spent more time in scripture.  I could still spend more.  And I’ve spent more time in prayer.  And I’m working to be more intentional about prayer and learning about it.

These redirections are so important in my life.  What small corrections, what tough questions, have you been asked that changed your course for the better?  And most importantly… What is your source for it all?

We were built to be heroes.

It’s about time we started acting like heroes.

Photo credit: Images by John 'K' / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

19 thoughts on “What is your source? Tough questions from good friends.

  1. Sounds like your on target! Look forward to reading that post “Built for target practice”. I had a college professor who said “practice does not make perfect…but practice makes permanent.” I have never forgotten this sage word. Bless you. ~Zoey


  2. You need to understand why I love reading your “beefy” posts: I’m a “responder.” And I’m compelled to “respond” — again!

    My husband and I are a combination like you and your friend!

    My honey has a temperament that looks much like yours: he has a similar faith…and gift in expressing it. He also talks about his shortcomings — a lot like you do!

    He and I would both agree that I’m like your friend: I’m built for target practice. Periodically, I zero in on something…and I let the arrow fly. It always begins a wrestling and a “fleshing out of an issue” conversation. He always blesses me by the end of it (not so much during:)

    But my husband just doesn’t see himself as I see him. Maybe that’s good! But I let him know — often — that his personality and gifts…and ability to speak with clarity, focus, simplicity and precision are God-breathed stabilizers for me.

    This is what I perceive in you!

    The source question? The Spirit is a “flame”, so when “flesh” gets close to the Flame…well, “I die…daily.”


      • I can’t explain it (actually, given time, I could:)…but “I’m built for target practice” sounds beautiful to me. (Twisted? Me?) Actually, belonging to the Lord…that phrase just sounds so…TRUE:)!


  3. Reblogged this on Devoted… and commented:
    Thank you to Cannot Contain for posting this! I feel it is really helpful.

    Everyone else – read this!!! And reflect! And then plan your response, do it and regularly remember how important this is.

    How often do we starve ourselves, considering Jesus said man does not live on bread alone! His Word nourishes us. Get your portion in every day, it’s a necessity!!!

    (And spend time with a friend, being honest, asking those tough questions and intentionally being accountable. You are right – that is a good friend.)


  4. Wow! this post made me stop and think! What a great question you raise. What, indeed, is our source. I always say God is my source but I am also ashamed to say that I don’t spend nearly enough time in prayer and in His word as I should. Thanks for the eye opener!


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