Reblog: You’re not good enough for Christ. Neither am I.


There are millions of our brothers and sisters, who are outside of the Church. They have never felt comfortable to come and be a part of the sheepfold, as God’s family. I can only describe them as; “being on the run, with a belly full of guilt and emptiness.” They think; first and foremost – they have to put their acts together, in their own power and ability, then they will come to Christ. They have not heard about the good news of their freedom from God’s anger, legalism and the gift of righteousness, on the basis of grace. They have only heard partial gospel of their sins, condemnation, and how bad they are; heading to perdition.


This is an excerpt from a wonderful post from a truly amazing writer McDaniels Gyamfi at Graceology.  It’s a longer post but definitely worth the time.  It is so true that people believe so strongly that they must clean themselves up before that can come to God.  I think the church perpetuates this to a certain extent.  But I can tell you I was not “clean” when I came to Christ.  Someone once told me, “You don’t resolve your issues before coming to Christ.  You resolve your issues BY coming to Christ.”  What an amazing gift.  And McDaniels Gyamfi is also a gift.  I am sure you will enjoy his blog.

We were born to be heroes.

And McDaniels Gyamfi is a hero!

Photo credit: Angelina 🙂 / / CC BY-NC-ND

4 thoughts on “Reblog: You’re not good enough for Christ. Neither am I.

  1. Thank you so much Jim…I had a teary eye reading this post. You know what? You have displayed a heart of love, by seeking the interest of Christ, not men. For that, I say; You are a true hero, for all to emulate” Thank, you, thank you, thank you! Lots of love to, and may the peace of God flood your life and that of yours.
    – McDaniels Gyamfi


    • You are leading me where I am sir so remember to give yourself credit where it is due. But as you would certainly say, the true credit goes to the One who created us. I am thankful to walk alongside you.


  2. mammapropria says:

    The challenge before us is to turn churches that have become Sunday morning country clubs into hospitals for damaged minds, hearts and spirits who need the kind of healing that only Jesus can provide. That’s a lot of what ‘go and make disciples …’ really means.


    • David Platt is a favorite pastor of mine. He wrote a wonderful book titled “Radical”. In it, he suggests that church is not a place for Christians to exhibit their faith. Instead, it is a place for tired Christians to collapse into a pew among friends after an exhausting week of making discilpes. Similar thought to yours above. Rick Warren also says in Purpose Driven Life that most people walk out of church reflecting more on what they got out of it than what they put into it. Two great books.


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