How an IT guy made a grown man cry.

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How does an IT guy make a grown man cry?  I received this awesome message from a friend whose husband is an IT fixit guru who changed a young man’s life by realizing his calling wasn’t out there somewhere, it was sitting right in his lap.  This story I received via Facebook is reprinted with Veronica’s permission.  Thanks for sharing it Veronica!


Just read your blog for today…so here is God in action and me sharing my story.

There are 8 people in my seminar class…it is a very intense class with lots of computer work and papers. One of the guys lives all the way in DeKalb so he can be with his daughter (4).  He also works full time at McDonalds.  Well he was stuck going to the NIU library late late at night after he drove home from night class at AU and trying to get into the library around his work schedule.  That’s pretty tough with all he has going on.

Another student over heard me talking about my husband’s business.  He repairs computers.  She asked if he took them and knew where and how to get rid of them because she had one that died two years ago but she didn’t know what to do with it.  I told her yes, that we could get rid of it for her.  I also asked her what was wrong with it. She indicated that she didn’t know but the screen would just turn blue and freeze. So she put it off to side and moved on.

I asked her if Lou could look at it and if we are able to fix it, if we could donate it to Jonathan, our classmate in need of one.

Well, Amanda was so excited about this idea and agreed.

So she brought it in and Lou looked at it and simply re-loaded everything, added office, and an anti virus program, and some more memory.  Works good as new!!

We have it to Jonathan yesterday.   His eyes filled with tears and was left speechless.

He asked me, “Why?”  I told him that I have been blessed in my life and that God made this happen. Everything lined up with Amanda and us being able to fix it.

Last night he texted me and said he called his mom and granny and told them about this.  They started crying.
He said, no one has ever done anything like that for him.


Lou knows the truth: Whatever you are doing, whatever your job, whatever your hobby, you can change lives.  Sure, God may call you to walk away from it all.  But until He does, why not make the world a better place right where you are today?  Thanks again Veronica!

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9 thoughts on “How an IT guy made a grown man cry.

  1. Its great how something so simple to do for a computer technician such as reinstalling an operating system or recovering data from a failed hard drive can touch someone so deeply that they cry. Great story. I have yet to make any of my customers cry tears of joy as of yet. That’s what I’ll strive for 🙂


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