Are you still praying for something you already have?

In the trailer for the new movie Noah is threatened by a king and his army, “I have men at my back and you stand alone and defy me?”  And while staring down an army which has the power to overcome Noah without even breaking a sweat, he says defiantly, “I am not alone.”

Noah does not fall to his knees in prayer.  Noah does not call out to God.  He had done these things already and had received his answers from God.  And he believed those answers.  And down to every cell in his body he was convicted of the truth that he was working at the direction of a living God and empowered to complete the mission he had been given.

This blog has been about first steps.  This blog has been about how to get started.  How to realize that there is something incredible inside every one of us.  But where does this lead?  Where do you end up if you take these first steps?  I posted yesterday about Chris Martin and his radical abandonment for God.  But it doesn’t end there.  Radical abandonment leads to radical obedience, which leads to radical faith, which leads to Noah: Radical confidence that everything you have prayed for is actually true.

There comes a time in your life when your prayers are answered by a God who loves you.  And you don’t need to look to the sky to pray for protection because you know you have it.  You don’t need to fall to your knees and beg for guidance because you’ve already received it.  There comes a time when you gain radical confidence.  Enough confidence to stare down a king and his army and refuse to tremble and tell them, “I am not alone.”  Not because you hope it to be true, but because you know it to be true.

Are you still praying for something you already have?  Are you clinging to prayer asking for something because you are simply too afraid of the consequences of admitting you already have it?

I am taking small steps.  But God expects more of me than small steps.  I do not know what my vision is, but I know that this blog is only the beginning of it.  I know that this is preparing me for something radical in my life and I know that God will provide for me in unpredictable ways when the time comes for me to stand before whatever it is that lies in my way and proclaim with boldness, “I am not alone.”

I will never stop praying.  We can never stop praying.  But I challenge you to ask yourself whether you are praying about something that God expects you to be doing already.  Where would all of us be today if Noah had spent his time praying for guidance without realizing that he was already receiving it?  Where would we be if Noah had spent his time praying for strength without realizing that God had already provided it?

I can admit to you that I have used prayer as a means to procrastinate on my calling as opposed to a means of drawing closer to the One who is calling me.  I have used prayer as a means to obsess about my obstacles in the face of a God who casts obstacles aside like a speck of dust.

The Bible is not a book of exceptions.  It is a book of examples.  Examples of people like us coming to the realization that from their very first breath they were created to be Moses, Noah, Abraham, Paul, John, Ruth, David, and every other person we are still reading about thousands of years later.  It has been said that we should be motivated because these were only ordinary people just like us.  I reject that premise.  They are not ordinary like us.  We are extraordinary just like them.  This is the point of the Bible.  This is why we have story after story after story of people we thought were ordinary but turned out to be giants.

The Bible was not written to tell us that we could become giants.  It was written to tell us that we already are.  And our world needs giants right now.

Who is with me?

We were all built to be heroes.

It’s about time we started acting like heroes.


17 thoughts on “Are you still praying for something you already have?

  1. rubble2bubble says:

    I am downright DROOLING over this feast of Word. My plate is being filled [my present circumstances/the context of my conversations with the Lord] – again – and I’m savoring this food because I’ve already been treated to little tastings of it! (I am breathing in sharply…and I’m letting out a sigh…)

    I have been to battle (unseen ones!), and I’ve wielded my sword as I have been taught! And, then…when the battle was over? I was Elijah, whimpering in the corner: weak, drained…having lost my perspective…in need of re-fueling and repair.

    Even this repeated “spiritual place” is something I savor…I eat.

    HE trains me for battle…and the battle is HIS. He makes everything soooo…meaning-filled!

    My point? Some moments are heady. Some moments are not. All moments, in Him, are more than we can possibly KNOW.

    He alone is God.



      • I really like that- I was telling someone recently how no matter how bad it gets and no matter how heart broken I am in the moment, I still don’t sink into the depths of despair because at the back of my mind, I realize that in the end, I win and that I learn that from Job, Abraham, Jesus… A nice way to say that would have been “it’s a book of examples! My examples are lined up in the bible…” Thanks to Jim for saying and you for sharing, and yes the bible from cover to cover is about Jesus. My little one reads a children’s Bible called “the Jesus storybook bible”, it helps me teach him that early.


  2. Shoes Summerfield says:

    James, yes, count me in! I want to stand as the giant that I *am* today!!
    Very motivating! I sense the fire within you is building greatly; and creating greatNESS!


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