Book Review: Wrecked – By Jeff Goins

I originally bought this book at the recommendation of Michael Hyatt.  I’m learning a lot from his website and podcasts and took him at his word that this was a good book.  And he is right.  The basic genre is, “Get off the couch and start serving humanity.”  I like this.  You could say that this is what most of my blog is about.  But what I found most encouraging from his book was a mixed bag of things the author had done that were small, but missed the mark.  But also huge things he had done that also missed the mark.  And then how he used them as learning experiences.

I found this to be particularly encouraging because so often I think to myself, “If I had just done this big mission trip, it would have turned everything around and I’d be a better Christian.”  The author did the big mission trips.  The month-long mission trips.  The throw-away-your-career mission trips that last for a year.  And they were amazing.  But something was still missing.  It was like he was telling me that the fact that I feel something missing doesn’t make me less valuable.  It just means I need to be “wrecked” some more.

There were some chapters which were slower than others.  Some life stories that were more impactful than others.  But overall this book is excellent and does a great job of first motivating us to move, and then dispelling a lot of the obstacles we put in our way.

Overall, I highly recommend this book.  You can buy it here.  That is not an affiliate link.  I will have those one day, but I’m still working out the details.

Have a great day, everyone.  And don’t forget:

We were all built to be heroes.

It’s about time we started acting like heroes.


6 thoughts on “Book Review: Wrecked – By Jeff Goins

  1. mammapropria says:

    Real men understand that tears are diamonds at the feet of Jesus, and real mothers understand that they are blessed to be the delivery and preparation system for a divine plan that was designed and created long before time began.


  2. mammapropria says:

    Remember the mother eagle you were talking about a few days ago? God has designed her to build her nest with sharp thorns under all the soft padding she weaves into her nest before she lays her eggs. Then when God’s design for her tells her it’s time for her babies to fly, she starts picking out all the soft cushioning until her eaglets are so uncomfortable that they’re willing to jump off into thin air just to get out of that nest.

    Our Father is plucking out the feathers that have lined your spiritual nest as you were growing and learning because he knows you’re ready to fly. If that sounds a little bit scary at times, remind yourself often that the mother eagle [a magnificent reflection of our Heavenly Father, btw] flies under her eaglets and lifts them up on her wings when they get tired until they are able to fly strong in their own skills and abilities.

    Fly strong far and high, my young eagle, knowing that my prayers and the prayers of many others who love you are always there to lift you up when your flying takes all you have and then some.


      • I agree. Being comfortable isn’t what we should look for. Being uncomfortable scares us, but we sure do get huge blessings as a result!
        I’m looking in the uncomfortable zone… somewhere in Africa maybe. I spent a few weeks in Odumase, Ghana over a year ago and fell in love with that area. And to think, when I first became a Christian, at the age of 14, I was afraid he would send me there. Funny that is where I want to end up.


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