Quick Post: Buried in Data

“Find your own time to be silent.  Something happens.

Your mission starts rising to the surface.

It doesn’t even need your help.

It just needs you to stop packing more data on top of it.”

We are bombarded with data.  It comes at us so fast we couldn’t possibly keep up.  It chokes out the things that make us amazing.  What one simple thing can you do today to step to the side and let the data fly past you?  What can you do today to let your mission rise to the surface?

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We were built to be heroes.

It’s about time we started acting like heroes.


4 thoughts on “Quick Post: Buried in Data

  1. Shoes Summerfield says:

    I got up early, before the family. Made a cup of Joe and took a walk. No phone, no mp3 player. Just me and my maker. He showed me an old willow stump with new branches coming up. New life from an old dead stump. Great stuff… Thanks for the reminder to clear the data!


      • I turn off the computer and tv and listen to music while I sew… I pray for those I know who are sick, lonely and grieving, asking that God show tender mercy and surround them with peace through His presence. It really is amazing, but it shouldn’t be, how much peace that brings to my prayer time and how many names pop to the surface who are standing in need! “Be still, and know that I am God”


      • “And every so often I hear a screaming table saw from the basement…” Kidding! Thanks for these words. Would you believe me if I said I was working up a quilting post??? You’re an inspiration. Have a great weekend.


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