“But I can’t save the world!” Yeah. We all knew that already. Get to work.

The entire purpose of this blog is to awaken something in all of you.  To remind you that you were built to be awesome.  There is awesomeness in you waiting to be discovered and unleashed.  There are two reasons we don’t dive in and do more to answer our calling.  We will answer one of those today, and the second tomorrow.

The first problem is that, we see that our efforts alone won’t solve the world’s problems.  Let’s go ahead and confirm this concern.  No.  You cannot solve every problem.  Feel better getting that off your chest?  The purpose of this post is not to raise you to such a frenzy of motivation that you suddenly gain the ability to solve every problem on earth.  Or even to solve one problem, to be honest.

News flash.  You cannot end world hunger.  But you can end hunger for one family one night.  You cannot bridge the poverty gap.  But you can teach one person how to use your favorite software.  If you are waiting for the ability to eradicate a plague to mankind before taking even a single step in the right direction, then you’re going to be waiting forever.  And there is a world out there waiting for you to get in the game.

We need to stop using the inability to do everything as an excuse to do nothing.  You’ve probably heard this before.  There once was a man walking along the shore.  The sand was covered with thousands of starfish that had washed ashore and would soon die.  The man saw a little boy in the distance throwing the starfish back into the water one at a time.  He approached the boy and said, “Son.  I respect what you’re doing but look at these thousands of starfish.  Throwing a few back into the water doesn’t really matter.”  The boy picked up another starfish, looked at the man, and said, “Well it matters to this one, mister.”  And he threw that starfish back into the ocean.

You will never see your ability to affect many until you’ve taken the first step to at least help one.  Your calling is never going to come to you while you’re sitting on the sofa waiting for it.  It comes to you after you awaken something inside you that cannot be silenced.  Stop waiting for it to come to you.  Go get it.

I’ll reveal the first step in tomorrow’s post: “Try some stuff.”  If that’s not a teaser for high level theological discussion, I don’t know what is.

See you all tomorrow.  In the meantime, I love reading your comments.  What large global problem bothers you enough to take a first step, and what first step can you take?

See you tomorrow.


5 thoughts on ““But I can’t save the world!” Yeah. We all knew that already. Get to work.

  1. me says:

    I have a lot yet to do toward fulfilling my responsibility to change the world, but I’ve already made a good start. If you doubt that, get to know the man writing this material and you’ll know exactly waht I mean.


  2. Michael says:

    Well, you know my story. Have a collage from the 2011 Honduras Mission trip. On it, it reads “Noone can do everything, but Everyone can do something.”.


    Saving the world, one eye at a time.


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