Gravity doesn’t care. Why do you?

The movie Gravity is a big hit.  And it can teach us something about making disciples.  (That’s our job.  Check the red letters.)  Gravity knows that it is scary floating off into space.  Gravity knows that we function better when we’re planted firmly on the ground.  Gravity knows that it’s eventually a good thing to return to Earth even if we’ve been doing something cool like flying or skydiving.  Earth is where we belong.  We aren’t always on it.  We jump rope.  We fly in airplanes.  We bungee jump (well… not me.  Ever.  No.  Stop asking.)  But ultimately we land back at Earth.  And gravity is always doing the job of getting us there.

Gravity doesn’t care.  Gravity doesn’t ask questions first.  “Do you believe in Earth?”  “Have you accepted Earth as the place where you should be standing?”  “Hang on a second, you’re not gay are you?”  “Do you watch porn?”  “You’re not a stoner are you?”  “Do you tithe?”  “You’re not Muslim are you?” “Did you even finish high school?”

Gravity doesn’t care.  Gravity doesn’t spend alot of time explaining the benefits of standing on the Earth.  It doesn’t meet you at Starbucks to explain all the details of how Earth works, the history of Earth and the varying opinions on the function of Earth and whether Earth is even real or not.  Gravity gets you back to Earth first, and knows you’ll seek your answers once you’re there.

Gravity doesn’t care.  Gravity doesn’t wait until it’s ready in order to pull you back to Earth.  It doesn’t read books to be sure it pulls you back to Earth correctly.  It doesn’t wait for its calling and wonder whether that one dream that one night was really a calling or just a weird dream.  Gravity knows its calling has been the same from its very creation: Pull people back to Earth.  Gravity doesn’t make excuses.  Gravity doesn’t delay.

Gravity’s job is too big for all of that.  Gravity knows that if it doesn’t do its job, all the time, without fail, without delay, without judgment, and without asking questions, then we float off into space and die.  Gravity does what it was created to do.

Be like gravity.  Your job is not to decide who to draw to the Bible.  Your job is not to determine if drawing someone to the Bible will be a permanent change.  Your job is not to draw people to the Bible because you like them.  Or agree with them.  Or like their life choices.  Your job is not to check to see if they qualify.  Your job is not to check off items on a list to be sure you’re ready.  Your job is not to make excuses for yourself.

Our job, just like gravity, is to draw everyone to the Bible.  No questions asked.  No expectations.  No preconditions.  We operate under the premise that the Bible is essential for everyone.  So our mission field is… everyone.  Once we do that, there will be questions.  There will be challenges.  Disagreements.  There will be all of the things that make humans human.  When we draw people to the Bible first we stand on a common foundation.  Not because they’ve fully accepted it or even believe in it at all.  But you’re both standing on the same starting line.  Not in a face off.  But facing the same direction: forward.  Stop waiting until you’ve determined that someone has “bought in” before you engage their lives.  That type of judgment is not your job.  The Great Commission was a single sentence for a reason.  Make disciples, pal.  Nothing in there about prequalifying anyone first.

Amazing things can happen when you start by first drawing people to the Bible.  Making them curious because of what they see in your life.  Conversations happen.  Lightbulbs go off over your head and theirs.  Not because of your brilliance.  But because of the brilliance of the written Word.

But these things cannot happen in a meaningful way while the person in front of you is floating off into space.  Be like gravity.  Be someone that others are drawn to.  Use your own life to draw people in, everyone in, until their feet have landed on the stable ground of the message of Christ.

Then the real work can begin.  Here are three steps I’d like to ask you to take TODAY to get to work on acting like gravity and drawing people to your story:

Step 1: Think about your witness.  What is your story of faith?  The Bible is powerful.  But the most powerful tool to draw people to it is YOUR story of faith.  Your witness.  What is it?

Step 2: Identify your mission field.  Who needs to hear your witness?  You’re story was not given to you for no reason.  What audience needs to hear what you have to say?  Whose lives can you change by telling your story?  Hint: The answer is NOT “No one.”  Every story matters.

Step 3: Enter your mission field.  A great first step to getting your story out there is a blog or even a book.  Yes, your story is “book worthy.”  Look at for excellent advice on getting your voice heard.

There is a world out there waiting for you to get in the game.  Today is the day you answer their call.

We were all built to be heroes.

It’s about time we started acting like heroes.


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