Endless Vortex: Getting sucked into political banter on Facebook

It happens every time. I go weeks without a political post and I am patting myself on the back for being a good Christian that only posts about positive things and encourages people. I properly share all the positive memes that come across, and I am gracious to avoid sharing those “chain mail forward this or you are a sinner” posts that make everyone nuts.

And then it hits the news: The one topic that gets under my skin that I simply cannot resist. It starts simply enough. A short, admittedly snarky post that makes its point and moves on. Then it all breaks loose in the exchange of comments that follow. The gloves are off baby! Here we go.

And it gets ugly. My facts don’t match your facts so one of us is either lying or living in some sort of fantasy world. Then we accuse each other of simply listening to the talking points of our favorite political radio host, and there is always at least some truth that that on both sides.

What is the answer here? Sorry. Were you reading this article in the hopes of finding the answer? Bad news. I am WRITING this post in the hopes of finding that answer. What is your opinion?

The fact is that our walk with Christ takes place in a world that includes politics. Sometimes, to me, walking away from politics in my walk with Christ is like walking away from tough personal issues like suffering and pain. Since I’d rather not deal with them, I sort of steer clear and look the other way. That feels like a cop out, doesn’t it? I mean, politics does matter. It shapes a lot of what we call our lives. It creates or alleviates suffering. Don’t we have an obligation to discuss politics as Christians?

Christ got into politics, right? He turned over the tables in the temple. You could argue that the crucifixion and resurrection itself was the upending of a political system. But if you said this, you would also have to say that it was only political for as long as it took Christ to rise above the politics of it. The main point being that the politics was really supposed to take second billing. Maybe not even second. He didn’t work WITHIN politics. He worked right through it and left it in the dust.

Perhaps I’m answering my own question while I’m asking it. Our mission is fairly simple. Live the way Christ lived, and make disciples of all nations.

There’s your key. Am I making disciples by posting political arguments on Facebook? Does anyone out there think that is really happening? I don’t. Perhaps there is your answer. Perhaps not every routine part of my day is geared toward making disciples. But shouldn’t the words I share with the world be geared that way?

Something to consider.


14 thoughts on “Endless Vortex: Getting sucked into political banter on Facebook

  1. The more I think about politics the more I am coming to the conclusion that I need to stay out of it.
    I don’t think Jesus was so much displaying “Politics” when he overturned the tables in the temple, but more so overturning the greed of selling the gospel and making “mammon” more important than God. The place where the money changers were set up was right in the area of the temple where the Gentiles were allowed to pray. The noise level from the animals and the people within this area made it so the Gentiles could not even think, much less pray. And, not only that, but the money changers put such a load on those who came to exchange money. They cheated them knowing they had no choice but to buy. Greed overruled the 10 Commandments and the Law… Thus the statement in Matt 21:13: “He said to them, “The Scriptures declare, ‘My Temple will be called a house of prayer,’ but you have turned it into a den of thieves!”

    Jesus, Himself, did not even try to overturn the political or religious system at all, but left it intact. He never tried to dethrone any king and put his kingdom into practice, which he could have done and which everyone expected him to do. Instead, he allowed the political and religious systems to kill him.

    As I look over the political system today, and remember how angry I get when I think about the ignorance that is displayed, I remind myself arguing politics and trying to force Kingdom Principles into the minds of Democrats, Republicans or whatever their political leanings, isn’t useful. It’s throwing pearls before swine. As a Christian, my job isn’t to “change” the political landscape of the United States, but rather to “plant & water” seeds for the Kingdom that is useful… the Kingdom of God.

    Our political landscape will never change because we have concentrated our efforts on changing politics instead of planting and watering seeds of the Kingdom. Changed hearts create changed lives that create changed plans and changed nations.


  2. I understand the complexity of your conflict. i am currently penning a novel to expose corruption and injustice in the family law arena and also the Attorney General. I think it is important to expose evil but a good friend of mine is encouraging me to speak life into the situation.
    That is difficult because I see no life currently, only sin and evil. So I use my sarcastic humor and mock the devil in his attempt to destroy my spirit.
    I think if you identify evil or lies and call them out that is good. If you attack another person in the process that can be detrimental to our calling as Christians. it is always important to realize that we are all at different levels in our Christian walk. You wouldn’t want to ask a baby to lift a bar bell with 100 lb weights.
    If your argument is based on truth then there should be no reason to attack. Beware though that propaganda is seldom truth based.


    • My thought is this (and then I’m going to freak out about something unrelated). Calling out evil leaves a void. If you walk away, that void will refill with evil. Call out evil first, and then fill it back up with something positive. It’s tough to do. You don’t want to do hard hitting work and get a reputation for ending everything with some story about puppies and kittens. But it can be done.

      On a completely unrelated note: OH MY GOSH YOU ARE MY 400th COMMENT!! WOO HOO! Sorry. I wish that hadn’t happened on such an insightful comment as yours. I don’t mean to take away from it. But I’m pumped whenever I see the blog grow. Thanks so much for being a part of that, and for fighting your fight. Family law is a brutal arena. I hear the attorneys in my office tell stories that break your heart. You have a lot of courage to dive into that area of life.


      • We have humor for a reason. I haven’t really found a way to work it into this blog yet but it certainly has its place. I think as time goes by I’ll find the right way to weave it in here.


      • I don’t know if it is courage or stupidity which I have. I have never encountered evil and corruption at the level that I have encountered in this system.
        In my novel I try to paint it in a humorous light because if I don’t it becomes overwhelmingly dark.


  3. I ask myself the same question sometimes… not as eloquently as thee you understand… sounds more like… oh no I’ve done it again… why do I bite… what makes me react…. Christ would respond… not bite nor bark… He would simply have said what needed to be said with truth and, and, and here lays the answer… with heart to heal not to harm… what ever He said… it was not for a debate… *smile*…


  4. mammapropria says:

    Sometimes, kiddo, you boggle my mind … when I grow up I want to be just like you. The question here is just how long it’s going to take me to grow up. For now, I’ll have to settle for learning from you about how I need to be living my life.


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